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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jason Castro Dreadlocked Chippendale? David Cook Saving the Whales?

Man, was I ever right about the title of my post Jason Castro Naked. Seriously, if things don't work out musically for you Jason, which I think they will, one word, Chippendales.

Tell me if this is not the funniest article yet to come out about American Idol this season: American Idol in the Year 2013 found on phillyburbs.com. One of my favorites:
David Cook, after winning the title of “American Idol” in season 7, is now using his celebrity to bring awareness to some of his pet causes, including saving the whales and male-pattern baldness. After every concert performance, he holds up his palm to display his palm, which bears the message “Hair, not bare.”

Neil Diamond night and this could be entertaining. Contestants are performing two songs each but sadly as we've seen all season no spoilers coming forth in advance (at least not until about an hour prior to show time). The executives with the show must have put a 'hit' out on the guy spoiling the past few seasons, they've mysteriously vanished.
Until later, here's some preview for what we might hear tonight:

Song Spoilers vis TMZ.com:
David C: "I’m Alive" & "All I Really Need Is You"
Brooke: "I Am … I Said" & "I’m a Believer"
Jason: "Forever in Blue Jeans" & "September Morn"
David A: "Sweet Caroline" & "America"
Syesha: "Hello Again & "Thank the Lord for the Night Time"

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