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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Top Six - (*FIXED*) Thing is - I liked Andrew Lloyd Webber

Here's the thing, I went back and reviewed the show again and surely anyone with any remaining unbiased judgment would agree with me - David Archuleta once a gain flubbed his lyrics and Brooke White flubbed her performance and absolutely lost her mind.

Not only did Little Archie forget the lyrics in the second verse of "Think of Me", he was almost unintelligible throughout most of his performance. Perhaps taking Andrew Lloyd Webber's advice to keep his eyes open was too much effort and disrupted his ability to concentrate. Too, I think he'd done as well to sing with his eyes shut anyway - this kid shows no emotion. His eyes look at the camera and to the viewers at home with as much feeling as that shark I saw at the Dallas World Aquarium.

I'm completely not understanding the fawning over this boy that I'm reading on-line in certain places, nor the fascination Nigel Lythgoe, et al, have for him. The interview portion, prior to performance, when he sits with Ryan, he's usually just gape mouthed grinning and not ever saying anything understandable - last night was over the top stupid.

Up on stage came a gaggle of little girls dressed in their Sunday Best. They were scripted to come up and oooh and awe over him, yet they seemed uncertain of why they were being paid to act that way. Let's not even talk about Archuleta's reaction; he never so much as spoke directly to them. David seems to possess not one ounce of social interaction skills. He just looked around like a three year old who's been presented a shiny new red tryke and sputtered, mouth wide open. Was it me or was he seeking his Father's approval in how to react? It was one of the dumbest things this show has tried to pull. They are working so hard at making this kid the next Tween Thing it makes my head hurt.

Surely Syesha Mercado had her best performance, complete with a sexy red dress and her lolling around on the piano. I enjoyed her performance of, "One Rock and Roll Too Many", ("Starlight Express") but in her case, it will be one rock and roll too late. Granted she should stay in the show, at least to the top four, but she was in the first slot which is never good, plus she's not going to win.

I do have to insert that of all of the guest coaches Andrew Lloyd Webber has to be my favorite. I was surprised at his candor and his approach to working with the contestants. I appreciate his honesty. The man wasn't playing the game, he was being true to himself. *clapping my hands*

Carly turned in a good performance of "Jesus Christ Superstar" this time adding some smiling to her scary faces. Vocally she was on target and showed why someone way back when thought she was worth 2.2 million dollars to invest in for an album that sold 378 copies.

As I mentioned in the first paragraph Brooke lost her mind. Yes, Maniac, my Idol blogger pal, your darling "Sunshine" lost her light for a while last night. The lovely Ms. White, of which I am a fan of her sound, forgot her lyrics. She came out to perform, “You Must Love Me” from the film Evita, and had to immediately restart. She basically shouted to the band, "Do over!" and resumed the song. Vocally it was a mishmash of notes floundering all over the place. This time though, Brooke did not say, "It's OK, It's OK", nor cry. I think she must have read the VFTW site yesterday. "Sunshine" keep your chin up as I know Maniac and many others will still love and forgive you.

My dreadlocked darling wasn't in top form either, this not his thing. Too, my dear boy needs to utilize the internet to research what he's getting into. The guy had no idea his song was a tune in the musical, "Cats" apparently as in one of his goofy sound bites he says, "Uh, I had no idea that was sung by a cat." He still looked gorgeous and even Randy brazenly told him he was a beautiful guy. Thing is, it wasn't his best performance and he needs get his adorable ass off that stage stool next week. Another thing is (maybe I should name this post, *"Thing is"*, I'm saying it way too much), he manages to infuse everything he does with feeling. Paula and I were on the same page, Jason worked that song very much in the way Joe Cocker delivered "You Are So Beautiful". Yes, Castro, you are still so beautiful to ... me.

David Cook masterfully delivered “Music of the Night” from Phantom of the Opera. He did not rock it out nor change it up. He just sang the hell out of that song. The man has pipes, strong and glorious pipes. He's the one the judge panel need compliment that he could sing the phone book, not their TCO, *cough* Little Archie *cough*.

Overall it was a weird night for the show, likely to go down in the annals as one of the unique evenings. I think that Brooke White should go home tonight. Talk has been for a few weeks though, the show has it in for Castro and his dreads are on the chopping block for this week. If he goes the show is all over rigged because regarding voting, I could not break the busy signals until the last 15 minutes of time allocated.

DialIdol.com has Carly with the lowest votes, but as we've seen this season, that site has not been the most accurate this season.

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  1. hwy66gal10:45 PM

    Ha ha your baby boy is still in the running missy...I know you don't think he'll win becuz the way the show's set but who knowz.

    Keep hangin' Sunny.