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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Jason Castro Slides Into the Top Four

Here's the thing, Jason Castro has gone this far - against some serious odds. Jason has climbed those mountains of melisma, he's scaled the grandiose insanity of group sings and - ack - Neil Diamond week. He's come out on top. Jason Castro was the first one to grab a couch cushion.

(Waving at the dude from Idol who reads me daily * Hi You!*)

I had my doubts regarding Castro simply because I'm built that way. I'm use to issues, problems, trying to find That Perfect Solution. Nothing comes easy to me. Ever. Instincts from last night, told me Jason was safe. My brain, ever use to having to find solutions and solve problems wouldn't accept the good 'news'.

Darling Man trying to make me feel better said, "Well, if he's off, he's coming home, isn't that good for you? Look how close he'll be." I said, "No, I want him to do it, to win it, to be the you know, The Best He Can Be." That made D.M. groan.

Seeing Castro on that horrible crushed blue velvet settee made the Rocky Music start up in my head. I jumped around the den. It was a double shot of Jack Daniels moment. Darling Man rolled onto the floor from the sofa still groaning.

Good Times.

Loved how Jason was laughing during that horrible group sing tonight. Man, my boy has an amazing sense of humor. Jace, you cheeky, brilliant and beautiful guy.

This one of my favorite performances, Love That French Baker's Wave: it's at 1:51

Castro, Keep the faith. Top 4, let's see what we can do with this...

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