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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Man, What a Night - Jason Castro or David Cook?

I'm torn. Darling Man coming home was torn. We are just all kinds of torn. Jason Castro did his thing yet under the duress of the occasion I can't help but find David Cook to come out a little on top.

Weird Idol theater by David Cook:

Even Weirder Idol theater by Jason Castro:

Darling Man came home from a hard day of putting together magazines and books to find me yelling at my television. Granted I've put up with Darling Man and his sports fanboy love, yet he finds it challenging to compare my attraction to American Idol with a sporting event, hell, I'm working on it. I think the logic that kills him is the viable comparison. He yelled for a shot of Jack Daniels to forget I was caring about this show, so I gave him two...

Sunshine forgot what the hell she was to sing and the other's... well I liked Syesha...

That said - something about Castros' voice breaks my heart, enters my soul.

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