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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jason Castro, Que Sera, Sera

I do love the sound of that local Texas accent.

Jason baby, you shoulda looked away from that man behind the curtain. I hope you make it through this week. That said, the 19E-vil Powers That Be have been 'gunning' for you for the past two weeks. Man, they may have had the sure-shot. Hell, what will be will be. Que sera sera.
"Forever in Blue Jeans"

"September Morn"

You certainly look beautiful darlin'.

That made me think of some really good music. This will be like mouthwash to take away the really horror fest of a show evidenced tonight:

Oh and in case you still need something to take that Idol reek out from tonight, here, is another:

My ab-so-lute favorite choice to take the Pop Pablum taste completely out:

Article to follow regarding Pauler's misspeak and the reason behind it...can it be True? This is a scripted reality show? Wonder why they hate Taylor Hicks?

Stay tuned.
I gotcha covered... ;)

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