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Monday, December 01, 2008

Monday Morning Post Holiday Blues

A tune in honor of my loved one traveling today.
"I Love the Road" Bo Bice

Following the traveling theory, my heart's in California today.
"California" Joni Mitchell

"Goodbye For Now" P.O.D. (Payable On Death)

In the event you're not familiar with P.O.D. they're a little band from California - San Diego way: CLICK for WIKI. Their official website is to be found HERE. Lead singer, Sonny Sandoval has sort of an Anthony Kiedis vibe and tone about his style.
Now this post, dear readers, indicative of how very eclectic my musical collection runs. Variety is the spice.
Rock on.

1 comment:

  1. littlewing5:43 PM

    For real, Joni to POD. haha eclectic is right.

    POD is one of my all-time faves from the 90's. So good to see them in your post. Reading up on them at wiki, I didn't realize how much they've recorded since I lost track a few years ago. Lots of catching up to to!

    I love Bo. He's gonna be with Charlie Daniels at his annual Charliepalooza in a couple of days. Bo is a most worthy standard bearer of modern Southern rock. :)