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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Party with the Local "Mob"

Darling Man and I hit a Christmas party last night that had a disconcerting Soprano's vibe. It was an interesting mix of lovely people and in fact, there was one guy had this uncanny resemblance to Scott Caan. We visited briefly outside by the pool over a Crown Royal, and the discussion turned to how our new friends are all in business together in some fashion, known each other all their lives.

I was informed they all were in the laundry business, one guy added he was in their 'electronics' division. I can imagine what's getting washed, at least in my overactive imagination. We were the only "outsiders" in the mix, with most attending the party, business associates or employed by the assemblage of these interesting characters.

I met the host while walking my four legged furface Cody, to feed turtles down in the golf course creek near home. Our host who happens to live right behind us, as I found out, was out walking his dog and we fed turtles together. New friend has a stable of cars I have been salivating over including a vintage Studebaker. I was thinking, 'so all those from cleaning comforters'? Yeah, forgettaboutit.

On another note, there were many in attendance who brought this song to my mind.

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  1. jerseyirish8:35 AM

    Sunny, Know the type you are talking about. Used to date a fellow whose Grandfather was said to have connections in the underworld. When we would go to his house, it was gated with armed guards all around. Used to creep me out a bit, but his Grandfather was always very nice to me, he used to call me his irish rose, and sing When Irish Eyes are Smiling in his broken Italian accent, it was pretty funny.