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Friday, December 12, 2008

Anniversaries... Past, Future, Now

Today, December 12th marks an anniversary fans of Taylor Hicks might remember. In 2006 this was the day Hicks' eponymous album created between he and the American Idol folks hit the market. This the day too, marks a date in which the fan base began a definitive change.

I was reminded of this over at Chill's wordpress blog. My relationship with Chill a story in itself about change. I've made peace with this lady and her blog pals - quite an evolution in itself considering everything that has occurred in our on-line klazzy past. I give this blog credit for assisting in this change of events.

The thing about anniversaries - although you may be celebrating it in the here and now, what they are about is the past, about time, about accumulation. Often this means a level of accomplishment too, bringing about an appreciation of how things once were comparative to how they are now. Anniversaries like birthdays; a time to embrace new beginnings as you reflect back on who you have been, what you have done, a time to stop and look forward to what you will do next.

Marking this date as the two year mark for Taylor Hicks' Idol CD leaves his fans looking forward to another future anniversary date - Mr. Hicks' new CD drops February 10, 2009.
Journey - before what's his name - "Look Into the Future"

video created by gojimdandygo *inhaling*
There you are my shining star
Can you remember who you are
The role that you play from day to day
You know it's not know it's not the only way...

Still I'm coming home
Yeah you know know I'm coming home someday
The futures brighter now it's not so far away
Guess I'm coming home I'm coming home some way


  1. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Sunny, Like your take on anniversaries. I wasn't around when the break happened, but I did very early on see two very different groups. No one was kind of in the middle it was either left or right no in between. I also saw how you and Chill came to terms with one another you must have had some private time to work through your issues. You were able to reslove and move on, I wish more could do just that. I read for a long time before I ever left a comment, but knew I didn't want to be around totally negative comments. I always enjoy your posts you are very centered in you commentary, I don't ever find anything offensive that you say, you speak your mind, and there is nothing wrong with that. My hope and I think you feel the same is that Taylor see's success, he has worked hard to get his name out there and deserves all he is getting now.



  2. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Ahhh, I had forgotten that today was the anniversary of the CD drop.

    Oh, I hope the new CD is good. *crosses fingers*

  3. Well, that means I'm not as new a fan as I feel! I came onto the online scene about the time the CD dropped. Damn! It's been two years? Really? I've been checking in with my online buddies for TWO years now? My mind is officially blown.

  4. Caryl, love that interview with Tim on your blog - pure essence of this whole new CD coming out is the guys joining in to help Mr. Hicks. Man, he found the right Simon hasn't he? lol

    JI he's working the press beautifully in conjunction with this "Grease" tour. Brilliant really, on his part.