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Monday, December 22, 2008

Taylor Hicks and the Mysterious Modern Whomp

Warning, Taylor Hicks' snark alert. Go no further if easily and unnecessarily insulted when Taylor Hicks mentioned in ways other than praise and adoration. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Reading over at It's All Grey today put my brain wheels turning. Something had to help spark those brain cells I must have killed this weekend. Anyway, the discussion this morning concerned musical genre and name choice, specifically Taylor Hicks' musical genre name selection to define his sound, self-titled, "Modern Whomp".

I located this site I'm kindly providing a link to which was created by the intelligent folks at Loyola U. This may present and provide a hint at the answer on Taylor Hicks' selection of genre moniker and perhaps The Why of what made the man feel he needed to define himself in a whole new genre rather than stick the tried and trues out there in today's market.

If you're a modern musician, you're probably all too familiar with one of the toughest challenges facing today's aspiring artists. That's right, I'm talking about choosing a musical genre. If you don't select the correct pigeonhole in which to voluntarily confine yourself, how will the record stores know where to stock your album? How will the kids know whether they're supposed to like you? Decisions, decisions.

Well, I'll tell you what you can do. You can get around this quandary by the same method hundreds of other bands have: you can invent your own genre. And with today's technology, it's a snap! Simply click the link below, and a sophisticated computer program will provide you with a custom-designed genre name, ready to be plastered all over your web site, or mentioned casually in conversation! Watch out, though -- there's no guarantee that some other poseur hasn't gotten to it first!

Just click "here" and you'll be on your way to exciting interesting new names for genres not yet taken - hopefully. "HERE"

Thing is, record stores already have pre-printed signing up delegating the what and where of the genres. Next part, you have to convince them to print up one just for your particular niche in the market to hang up on the wall.

Well you know signs can be overrated, labels not always appreciated, so who knows, perhaps Mr. Hicks stepping out from under the already printed labels and signs might work out to be a good thing.

video created by softtailteen


  1. jerseyirish6:23 PM

    Sunny, Took a look at that site interesting. I think the reason Taylor went with his "Modern Whomp" is that he couldn't find a good fit for himself with other record companies. This way he produces it himself under his direction completely his work. I think they would be able to fit him in under R&B if they didn't have a label for his genre. I know some think this is a gimmick, but I think this is just a continuation of Taylor and who he is as an artist, he wants the control to produce what he wants, I really don't see anything wrong with that. I think this is a good topic and nothing wrong with not agreeing with what he does, he is not going to please everyone all the time.



  2. Thanks JI, just having a little fun in the name of Modern Whomp and the whole idea behind naming music genres.

    Man, just put the tunes out there and let folks decide if they like it or not, and where it may fall in the name game. lol

    That site is completely on target (actually the mind behind it) regarding how some artists come out with trying to create new definitions and how it usually doesn't work in their favor.

    I just want to see - rather hear the guy do his thing and not listen to the whole "trying to define me" kind of rap. ha.