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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Taylor Hicks, Left Hand Meet Right Hand, Definitely Rhinestones

Reading on a few Taylor Hicks' blog sites today, word out he's moving the date into March for the CD and the DVD releases. Curious George that I am, I went checking the A2M site. On that site it appears the date for the CD remains in February, although they have above the information the word, "tentatively". That would be wise for Mr. Hicks to start taking note of - and perhaps in future release announcements add that word. The site seems somewhat delayed on Taylor Hicks' information as well, with his CD title still "TBA" instead of "The Distance" - unless that title still a possible change as well. If you're in doubt, check out the site yourself, I will comment that the Artist 2 Market website has a new, high tech, complex look. Takes a while to load even for my badboy computer.

One thing for sure, Taylor Hicks will be continuing his Rhinestone Teen Angel role in "Grease". Discussion today over at the Wordpress site, It's All Grey worked over the CD issue and lead to this little blast from the way-back past when rhinestones were the modèle du jour; remember Porter Waggoner?

Wait, I can't stop there, I'm on a rhinestone roll - here's to the guy that cried for Taylor when he won Idol:

video c/o the artist29

Soul Asylum shows how this song should be covered - Heinie in hand and drunk.

Thanks to go2ski for this video. Man, time to slide on my boots, go pick up a six pack to spin some Glen Campbell on the turntable later.


  1. hwy66gal10:43 AM

    Bwhahaha! Yeehaw to Campbell!

  2. jerseyirish11:56 AM

    Sunny, Last week at A2M the date was 3/17 for the CD and 3/10 for Whomp, haven't been back since, guess they changed the wording to tentative and put back the 2/10 date. Really doesn't matter if it the date changes, for me its the finsihed product!!! :)


  3. Seeing that video this morning of Porter Waggoner cracked me up. That was quite a sexed up outfit. Can you imagine his fan base when they saw that? ;)

  4. Anonymous2:31 PM

    that would be a stella, not a heineken :)

  5. Thank you for the enlightenment, Anon at 2:31. Looked like a Heinie from here. I'll take your word for it since it was your beer. hahaha

    That's a tasty beer too. Still, got me some Heinie today.

    You rock.ha.