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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

NonMusic Related Fangirling: "Firefly"

I'm not an avid TV junkie, but I do have certain shows I enjoy and tune in regularly to watch. I had heard of a series called "Firefly" which had aired only one season, in 2002. The reviews were impressive with praise heaped on for the writing, casting and special effects. I found out about this show through watching the NBC comedy, "Chuck"; one of the cast members on that show, Adam Baldwin delights me with his deadpan humor and gruff demeanor. He's an FBI agent who is working undercover to protect lead character, Chuck, who has special government super secret information stored or downloaded into his brain. Yeah I know... but it's really a great little show.

I don't recall even hearing about this "Firefly" series back in the days it aired on television. Joss Whedon created this show, he the guy of television series fame, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", my young daughter was thoroughly hooked on. "Firefly", even after only being on-air one season and now having been off for six years, has an active on-line fan presence. They've done what many fans of a show or a musician might do, worked to try and bring the series back, fantasize about its return and write angry posts about its cancellation. This show was unique on so many different levels being part Western, part Star Wars sci-fi wrapped in a psychological study of the character ensemble. The special effects for a television production are movie ready caliber with the spaceship, the Firefly, an actual built set providing a more realistic effect than normally attributed to a television venue production.

I received this series as a Christmas present and just completed watching the movie, "Serenity" that was created following the series cancellation, as well as all episodes. Providing you enjoy science-fiction, Westerns, great writing including dialogue that actually lends to the story, you'll enjoy this jewel of escapism video. Why this series was canceled I can't fathom, perhaps Whedon and FOX failed to see eye to eye, perhaps the powers in the big studios such as FOX are just ragingly stupid when it comes to good series television not reliant on animation or reality driven material.

The lead character, Malcolm Reynolds, played by the underrated Nathan Fillion, gave the show the character it possessed. He's not done much since the series from what I can gather, but has a new show scheduled to air on ABC in March, 2009, called "Castle". It's billed as an hour long weekly, witty drama that will air on Monday nights at 9pm, CST, beginning March 9th, 2009. The show is based on Fillion's character, famous crime and horror novelist, Rick Castle, who helps the NYPD homicide department solve crimes. Don't know if it will be as fascinating and as well put together as "Firefly" but since Fillion is a part of this show, I'll tune in to give it a look. "Firefly" has made a fan of me for Nathan Fillion and the other cast members from that show that deserved so much more than it received.
"Firefly" trailer

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  1. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Instead of Firefly, Fox gave us dumb shows such as Joe Millionaire, who's smarter than the kindergarten, the (talentless) American idols, hell kitchen....(not including their ultra right wing, clueless talk shows/news). Yet majority of the US population ate them up, and obviously those stupid shows are very successful. For years now, I had been curiously wondering about the intelligent level of the US people.