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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Taylor Hicks - If Blue Can Do It, Why Not You?

Taylor Hicks has reportedly postponed the new CD that may be called "The Distance" until March of 2009 instead of February. Texas band, Blue October, is also releasing a new CD in March 2009; heard their single for the new CD on KDGE; they also previewed that single when they performed in Dallas at The House of Blues on December 4th. Texas boys, Blue October, also have their single up for release on iTunes, in time for those Christmas shoppers, what a concept...
"Dirt Room"

You may be scratching your head, what has Blue October got to do with Taylor Hicks? Nothing really with the exception of their differences in handling their music regarding marketing. That leads me to this question, when is Taylor Hicks going to work that promised new single into his "Grease" gig? Initially when he first came out in the press that he was going to be performing it with the production, it sounded as if that was to happen right out of the starting gate of this national tour. Since "Grease" has already hit a few towns and no sign of the single nor definitive word on when that single may actually hit the "Grease" tour, that question remains unanswered. Naturally, word out on this information not to be found on any of the Taylor Hicks' 'official news' sites. Where are my rose colored glasses this morning? Must have dropped them in the sofa cushions.

Blue October recorded their new album at Willie Nelson’s, Perdernales Studio, which lies about 25 miles outside of the band’s adopted hometown, which if you're a Texas musician or artist, you might guess - Austin, TX - of course. Took them two months to make the album, "Approaching Normal". Blue October tunes and information can be found at their MySpazz and here's their Wiki link.

Speaking of Willie, bought a new Christmas CD yesterday.

vid by gaincontrolagain
Goes with my new boots.

Feliz Navidad.


  1. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Personally, I think Taylor has to pick out a CD first. I can't believe that he hasn't done that yet.


  2. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Your rose colored glasses must be in the same safe place as Taylor's acoustic guitar and stool he was going to use for that acoustic tour that never happened.

  3. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Did you mean "pick out a single"?
    I remember hearing Jan 6 I think as the date to introduce the single. Not positive. I think its been picked. Maybe the fact that Taylor doesn't have his own musicians around all the time slows the process down a bit. I don't know, just guessing. I'm not bothered by the extra time, it will get here.

  4. We could make a list on what was to happen and didn't, now couldn't we? Let's hope that list doesn't continue to lengthen. haha.

  5. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Sunny, Henry is right he did mentioin in one of the interviews that the single will be released 1/6 and that is when he will start his end of show performance. So I guess the folks in Chicago will be the first to hear it. Yes it was presented that the single would start with the tour of Grease, then it was announced that it wouldn't start until 1/6. The release date was said tentitve 2/10, that always means it could change. I was wrong when I said I saw the change in date on a2m but it was at rocketscience I saw the date change. Are the guys you talk about with a2m also? If so very different marketing going on, wonder why?


  6. JI, no Blue October started out managed by their parents, haha - that worked into a deal with Universal. I'm pointing out only one recent example of how most musicians will send out a single well in advance of the CD release, is all.

    Henry8, 1/06 was said to be the iTunes date but that was what a week ago? Things may have changed once again. Hicks is said to be in charge of this CD since it's on his Modern Whomp label, so I'd think he'd be the first to know what was going on with whom with it.

    I'm not knocking him about the delay, just the continuous matter of left and right hand not talking. At least not about the music. lol

  7. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Sunny, Ok didn't quite understand the connection, thanks for explaining it to me. I do agree that the left doesn't always know what the right is doing and mixed signals are sent, thats not good. There sometimes is just too much mystery around what is going on. You would think he would designate someone to keep all that stuff up and not have so much iffy info going out, some folks just don't take well to change. Me I don't really care when the CD comes out, just as long as I am happy with the end result, I really don't think he will let anyone down with this one. He has had the time and has worked with good people to put out a great offering of his music.


  8. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Sunny, just saw Wille on the blog. I was in a hurry this morning and didn't check it here. Love that. You know I love willie, but I missed that album.
    Sometimes I think we hang on every word Taylor utters a little too much. Maybe I'm crazy, but it just seems like in the entertainment world nothing is ever set in stone. I've seen people announce their new tv show only to have it go down the tubes. Over the years, I've seen various entertainers announce all kinds of things that did not materialize. Just like the "acoustic tour" . I never thought that was more than a random thought about something he would like to do. I hope he can be free to just say things like that without being held to the flame over them so he can feel comfortable talking to his fans. I hate that he might be afraid to open his mouth for fear every word is etched in stone and folks are going to have meltdowns if it doesn't happen. JMO

  9. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Henry, Totally agree that others have also done the same and are not held to it. Just a thought if he had someone mainstreaming everything for him maybe so much wouldn't get mixed or out before it should. Some folks just take everything to heart, have a tough time accepting change. When he feels the time is right for the release then it will happen, wouldn't be surpirsed if it is delayed again thats just how things go. I will be happy whenever it is released, he is well worth waiting for.