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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Taylor Hicks Tuesday, Weather and The Fall

How fitting, on Taylor (Hicks) Tuesday on Caryl's Blogspot she's featuring the Fox and Friend's weather cast with Taylor Hicks (from a while back).

"Fitting" since we're (here in Dallas)about to get a change in our weather - at least for a day or two. Cold front on the way, might get all the way down to 31 degrees tonight. I've gathered in some of that fire wood left over from our mild winter last year, got the Smores supplies in order for that fun loving ten year old's after dinner dessert.

We've got to enjoy those cool spells while we can during The Fall, in Dallas.

video c/o itily224 from Waukegan
here it comes just rushing in
the distant smile replied, a distant grin it's not so bad after all I climbed the ladder, and you took the fall you took the fall


  1. hwy66gal12:22 PM

    LMAO, at your lead in to a really good Hicks' song.

  2. jerseyirish4:26 PM

    Taylor and his many hats, he is quite the charmer. We had some snow the other day, it is just really cold here, warmed up a bit this aftenoon. That video also did a little warming, thanks!!


  3. It's cold here! 36 degrees! We Houstonians aren't used to this.

  4. OK, now it's snowing!

  5. You got "our" snow, according to my kiddo! :robbed :P