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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Spreading the Taylor Hicks' Love: It's Christmas

I had an email from someone who wishes to remain anonymous for what ever reason, regarding a question they had about my blogging. I was asked why I'm featuring the occasional other blogs I visit or frequent in my posts of late. One of their questions, why direct traffic off of my blog, bring attention to other sites which may take away from my site?

My reply to you, dear One More Anonymous and Curious Person, Taylor Hicks, of course. Just spreading some of the Taylor Hicks fan information and on-line 'magic', so to speak, around. You see, there are still a few blogs talking Taylor Hicks, perhaps not in ridiculous school girl way but in more of a discussion format; the way we once talked Taylor on Gray Charles in the days it was a great blog to visit.

Too, 'tis the season, the season of goodwill and 'cheersing', to quote Mr. Hicks off one of the audio posts he made on that late Gray Charles blog. I'd like to have the option of a community of realists, at least to a certain definition of realist, the definition that can be found in this realm of on-line worlds and identities, in which we might wander in a peaceful, but lively community. One in which we can accept one another rather than simply castigate and ridicule each other over opinions or thoughts about Taylor (or other artists). Omit mind controlling intimidation techniques,lock-step thought processes. Share other music, talk other artists as the mood strikes and of course, follow this Taylor Hicks character on his winding and rolling road.

I found this Taylor Hicks video today while looking for something Hicks related - first time I've heard this song that I've actually liked it. Instrumentals add much to it, this better than off the CD. Too bad the ending is chopped a bit short, though.
"Just to Feel This Way"

thanks to marthagartha

Of course there are some posters hesitant to let others play in the fan sandbox in harmony. My words to those police minded folks, and I mean this in the most humorous way; someone eventually shoots the sheriff. Here's my wish to a semi-peaceable kingdom where the wildebeast and the lions can all wander among the watering holes in a semblance of harmonic anarchy.

vid c/o Appleturnover321


  1. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Sunny- Sorry if adding my blog to your roll has caused you anonymous problems..

    Love the Clapton video! :)

  2. jerseyirish9:24 AM

    Sunny, Have seen that video of Taylor and always loved it. Eric Clapton what can I say. I think it is great that you see something you like and reach out to others to see for themselves.

    Celestial Moon, Really enjoyed your blog yesterday, a little humor cleanses the soul.

    Have a wonderful Christmas, my best to you and yours!!!


  3. It's not just your blog Moon, IAG also causing some heat - for what reason I have no idea. I;m just a hippie chick wanting all to share and get along, unless of course they don't want to... lol

    JI hope Santa's kind to you and your family.

    Much love to all.

  4. Anonymous10:10 AM

    I'm the same way, I'm not looking to stir up problems. Just want some interesting open discussion with some humor thrown in for good measure.

    IAG's blog is also quite enjoyable. I post there often. ;)

    Happy Holidays to all!

  5. jerseyirish11:32 AM

    Sunny, Funny story, my son is into restoring old cars, currently he is is working on a 72 GTO and a 91 Mustang Limited Edition. He goes to a lot of swap meets to get original parts for the cars. Last year he was at one and came home with a big smile on his face, heard him hammering something. He found a beat up old tin sign that said "Hippies not Welcomed" doesn't know where it is from, but made him laugh that sign was actually hung somewhere and they meant it.

    Thanks for the Holiday wishes!!

  6. It's "Hands Across the Internet," baby! I don't see what the big dealio is- steering people to further discussion about TH. (Especially since you steered readers my way!) Sorry I don't have anything interesting going on at my blog lately. Tough week in Caryl-land. But we'll be back in business after Christmas.

    Happy Holidays, everyone!

  7. henry812:15 PM

    Celestial Moon enjoyed your blog.
    This sheriffs not skeered. :-)
    But I'm pretty much discussed out.
    I guess, they tell me anyway, that all discussion is good but goodness I am bored with the "what an incompetant ass he is" discussions that have been going on since GC. Kinda just into doin my own thing now.

  8. I enjoy IAG, too. And, by the way, am I the only Taylor fan who likes JTFTW? I know that Taylor doesn't even like it, but I do. I think it's pretty. A lot of people with very good taste in music HATE it, so I'm worried about myself. Do I need some kind of intervention?

  9. jerseyirish12:39 PM

    Caryl, You are not alone, love JTFTW also. It was great on the CD but hearing him do it live was awesome!! If you think you need intervention then I guess I do too. Look forward to seeing you back up and running, enjoy!!

    Henry, That is Sheriff Henry, talked out I don't think so, just not interested in those discussions and that is ok.


  10. Hey Sheriff Henry8, likely some calling him out as incompetent merely concerned fans and that's how they voice that sentiment. Nothing to gunsling over. lol Hope your Christmas is merry and bright.

    Caryl, my heart hopes you have a good Christmas and this New Year brings good things for you and yours.

    JI and Moon, glad to have you for internet pals.

    Just stopping by after some last minute shopping - now I'm off to cook, have some new friends coming over later and family for some Christmas Eve spaghetti, eggnog and other 'treats'. HO HO HO! ;)

    Merry Christmas, and as some of my friends are Jewish, Happy Hanukkah.

  11. henry83:44 PM

    Well, I have a break in the Christmas action here. My soup flavors are mingling. And you hit on something I do have an interest in discussing. I have for a long time had some thoughts about JTFTW but I didn't know if anyone would be interested. I'll never know if any of my thoughts are anywhere near right but it was just my impressions. JTFTW was the song I liked the least on the album. I just thought I heard a little strain in Taylors voice when he sang it. I thought it was a hard song to sing, one that would be hard to get your breathing right in and I just felt like he was not comfortable performing it live the first few times I heard him do it. And then I remember a rehearsal video where he started to sing JTFTW and then started rocking to the rhythm of it and said something about "Rainman" and he and Loren laughed. I never felt that he really cared for it that much or was comfortable performing the song at first. Didn't he refer to it as Clives song? Its just my opinion that JTFTW was the song Jrecords wanted as the single and Taylor resisted. I don't think he liked performing it and he did like performing Runaround. And if that was the case I would say that Taylor was wrong, he should have went with JTFTW. Its a good pop song and would have done better on radio IMO. By the time they did bring it out as a single it was a little late. But Taylor has a great ability to change a song and even tho that was a hard song to change he kept at it, changed the phrasing, changed the breathing, combined it with the Maze till he really got it right. Somewhere along the way I started to really like the song and now I even like it in its original form. I heard it on a sports video from the olympics once and it worked really well for that. The song is not that different than a lot of other pop songs I have heard on the radio and there was really no reason it shouldn't have done well. I just thing the timing was way off and that may have been because of some disagreement. I have no wat if knowing really, but it was just my idea at the time.

  12. jerseyirish5:56 PM

    Henry, Good thought for discussion. I agree it was a hard song to perform with all the movement in it. When I heard him do live at the show I was at, it was perfection. Makes a lot of sense that he wasn't comfortable with it and resisted singing it. I mentioned elsewhere I was very confused by the single from that CD. Seemed first it would be Runaround which I thought was real radio friendly, then he started singing JTFTW, then the next I know he says Heaven Knows is his single. Like you said there may have been resistance about which way to go. He has great ability to change songs up and make them work for him. I really thought several of the songs from that CD were radio friendly, never got it.

    Have a merry all!!!


    Sunny, Thank you for alwsys welcoming my comments, I enjoy your blog, you always give one something to think about.

  13. Anonymous9:28 PM

    A very Merry Christmas to you and yours, Sunny! Oh, and stay off the interstates, I heard about the shooting and thought of you and your fellow Texans.. How horrible.

    Anyway, enjoy the Holidays and stay away from the jack ;)


  14. Say what? I just got home from church. I didn't hear anything about a shooting. I'll have to check the news.