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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Taylor Hicks Seeking the Right Simon

Interview carried on Caryl's blogspot, with Tim of Tim's Travels' talks Taylor Hicks' new record, "The Distance" coming out February 10, 2009 (and Hick's current role in "Grease").

What should absolutely leap out at anyone watching this segment is the fact pointed out by Tim, the traveling interview guy, the musicians playing with Taylor Hicks on this upcoming CD are already famous, hell, Taylor's got Eric Clapton's (and the late Stevie Ray Vaughn's) musicians on the new record with him.

These guys don't 'need' Taylor Hicks. Simon Climie doesn't 'need' Taylor Hicks, but they obviously see 'something'.
"Traveling Riverside Blues" Doyle Bramhall and Eric Clapton

video c/o jemf999
Taylor Hicks is not mentioned on Doyle Bramhall's site - his playing on the recent Susan Tedeschi album is highlighted.
Here's some Nathan East:

Abe Laboriel making it 'talk'.

video c/o akyazero

I'm stoked.


  1. Anonymous12:08 PM

    I hope there is NO modern whomp crap on it, which is a mix of everything and pleases no one. If there is, I won't buy it.

  2. Hahahaha! I'd think if these guys are on the record Modern Whomp will remain just the record company name rather than an attempted genre. lol

  3. jerseyirish2:56 PM

    Sunny, Taylor does have some top musicians working with him, my take they must like what they hear or they would not be involved in the project. I think the CD is going to be great, there will be some that will not be happy, but that is to be expected. The last interviews were just wonderful, they guy really seemed to like Taylor and what he is all about, the press is really liking him this time out!!!


  4. JI, I don't think the press went so well before, in some cases, perhaps because of the way Idol handlers approach the interview process.

  5. Sunny and I are playing tag-team blogging lately! (thanks for the credits, btw) This interviewer (Tim) seems to know and appreciate TH. I'm glad someone outside the Soul Patrol spelled out his accomplishments. We bloggers can try, but nobody outside Taylor's fanbase seems to care what we think.

  6. hickifino10:09 PM

    The American Idol business conglomerate is huge and includes Disney/ABC/Sony/BMG/Fox. All of the interviews I've seen supporting Grease have been one from ABC and the rest from Fox. Every interviewer brings up American Idol. I think Taylor's recent spate of positive interviews is, in part, advertising for the upcoming season of American Idol. Grease is working cooperatively with the AI conglomerate. Good for Grease, good for Taylor, and good for AI!

  7. hickifino: you're brilliant! The trail always goes back to Idol. At least this time it's working in Taylor's favor.