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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Taylor Hicks, Caught in The Maze?

Now what's not to love about this photo? Taylor Hicks with the Sun over his shoulder. hahaha.

Yeah, see my point of view...

video c/o soulindiane
More Maze...In the mood for some Maze? I am obviously.

video c/o sturgess66
Taylor Hicks in Rhode Island - with Old Man River

video c/o iamvicarious


  1. Taylor and Sunny! Cute.

  2. He did it just for me 'cuz I'm that speshul! *running around giddy* I will treasure this forever and ever. ha!

  3. jerseyirish1:29 PM

    Great pictures and video's. love the "sun", maybe getting a little fangirly?
    I think we all do sometimes, go for it!!


  4. I told ya he hearts you!

    Hey! Is it "in" Rhode Island or "on" Rhode Island? I grew up on LawnG Island and we said "on." Is Rhode Island an island? Long Island is.

    Hey! Never take cold medicine more often than they tell you to. Off to check a map, though I've already forgotten why...

  5. jerseyirish6:16 PM

    Caryl, Did that once with meds. Right before my back surgery I was in so much pain they put my on tylenol with morphine. I took one went to sleep woke up thought it was 4 hours later took another one did it again. I was dating my husband at the time, he came in and I was like hiding, he asked what was wrong and I said the Hummel's were flying at me. We figured out I took 4pills in less than two hours, not good. He took the pills from me and gave them to me after that. Be careful, you don't want Hummel's flying at you!!


  6. Flying Hummels, now that's scary. lol Nyquil, now that stuff gives me the strangest dreams. Horror movie type dreams.

    JI Fangirl - Me? hahaha!

  7. OK, just to follow up. I'm clear headed now. While Long Island IS an island (and a long one at that), Rhode Island is NOT, so I believe the proper wordage would be "in" Rhode Island, not "on". I know it was just driving you all nuts.

    Consider this for our next lesson: Is "wordage" an actual word?

    I'm going away now.

  8. Caryl, I do believe it might just be a word, see "wordage".

  9. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Comments are open now? This looks different. Can we be trusted though?

  10. jerseyirish4:45 PM

    Something new hope I did it right. Flying Hummels, hubby still teases me about that, guess I'll never live that one down!!


  11. henry89:19 PM

    Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy. :-)

    (I'm singing here, you know) lol