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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Providence Comes A Knocking: Yo... I See You Mack Daddy

Taylor Hicks fans - do you readers of IDOL BLUES think it matters to that Mack Daddy O'Soul what you think, what you write, what you read... Hell Yeah, he listens, it matters.

"The Distance" ???

"Can't You Hear Me Knocking" Rolling Stones

I hear you. Break a leg, Soulman.


  1. hwy66gal8:06 AM

    so, stats picking up Providence and area SunBuns?

  2. I'm just goofing around, 66, but yeah, the stats show Providence and area hits. Likely just some interested folks looking up information on the guy. Still, a good thing. ;)

  3. I've had that song in my head since the title was announced. LOL! So funny that you posted it.

    So why do you think he cares what we write? We can't be the kind of fans he's always dreamt of, though I realize our money's the same as anyone else's. I'm interested to hear your thoughts because I go around and around on this.

  4. jerseyirish6:13 PM

    Sunny, This is off topic, but just wanted to let you know it was my brother and his wife that went for drinks. My husband and I were supposed to go that night but my son crashed on his dirt bike that day and had a head injury and I wasn't comfortable leaving him, even for the Boss. So no I didn't have a drink with him. :(


  5. caryl, it's like he says in the interview, he listens to the people. We be people. ha.

    Seriously what better way to touch in to what the fans think than by checking out what those so inclined, write about him, about music?

  6. Anonymous10:15 PM

    Unfortunately, it does matter what kind of fans you have. If your fanbase is mostly older people, that's not good. His next CD is make it or break it. If he has no music that appeals to younger fans, that will be the end of his music career. It's going to be very tough for Taylor, even if the music is good. Think back to when you were in your late teens or early twenties, did you like the music your parents or grandparents liked? I know I didn't. In a way, the older fans have ruined his career, by being so out there and vocal on the internet and by attending every single concert. People forget this is the world-wide web, where anybody can read and form opinions. Even if a younger person had some mild interest in Taylor, especially in the beginning after in won Idol, I'll bet they were quickly turned off by the older fans.

    Sorry if this offends you older folks, but it's the truth.

  7. Anonymous11:38 AM

    I doubt Taylor gives a rat's ass how old his fans are. Yes, it's nice to have the young women going ga-ga, but he does have those fans, too. Money in his pocket is money in his pocket. Are you saying the older fans should drop away, hoping that the younger fans come in droves? Considering the style of music Taylor tends toward, I don't know if that will happen.

    On the other hand, I know of lots of young people who like classic rock, so that shoots that theory all to hell. In fact, Taylor was one of those people who liked "his parent's" music.

    If making enough money to live comfortably selling music and going on tour is a failure in your eyes, well, I bet he is ok with that. I am not sure what your measure of success is, but I'm pretty sure no matter what happens, it won't be good enough for YOU. Good thing Taylor doesn't have to live with you.

    P.S. I am neither offended, nor "old". Just amazed at the ignorance and malice shown here.

  8. Anonymous 11:38 AM, You must amaze quite easily - there is no ignorance OR malice being shown here except by yourself. What a damning view to possess:
    "...it won't be good enough for YOU. Good thing Taylor doesn't have to live with you."

    Anonymous at 10:15 PM speaking her mind from a younger fan's perspective. Some truth lie within her words - and that is what stings. Don't say you're neither old or offended because obviously you are at least offended as you direct a personal attack by your words.

    Do I personally agree with that assumption? Like I said, there is some truth walking in her words.

    Do I think Mr. Hicks doesn't want the older folks to appreciate his music, his entertaining abilities? No, I don't - I think he's able to appreciate all his fans. Even the Grannies. ;)

    Hell, I hope to be "shaking my tail feathers" into my old age as well - I'm just not going to delude myself that some young buck 20 years my junior would look twice at me once I am that 'Grannie', LOL.

    Do it for the music, man.

  9. JI, well at least you had blood relatives hanging with The Boss. How very kewl. ;)

  10. Yes, good point, anon, but it is what it is. These are the fans he attracts. If he could gain some credibility with other bluesy, soulful artists like Joss Stone, Corrine Bailey Rae, Amy Winehouse..he'll be fine.

  11. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Perhaps I did over-react a little. I have just read one too many comments blaming Taylor's "lack of success" on the age of his fans. At the age of 35, I don't think I fit in to the "older" age category yet, but perhaps I was taking up an offense for my many friends who are in that age group. For that, I am sorry.

    I guess what I was getting at, but didn't articulate well, was that I wonder what the other anonymous' measure of success is. I am not sure their measure of success would line up with Taylor's. And I find it hard to swallow that the "older fans" can make (by halting their support??) or break (by spending their money??)his career. It just doesn't add up.

  12. Anonymous3:30 PM

    His older fans refuses to understand, maybe because they have been away from music so long or he attracted TV fans, not music fans, which I am sure is the case here. Music has always catered to the young - ALWAYS..ever since rock and roll was invented. It has NEVER catered to the middle-age population.. NEVER has and NEVER will. What Taylor needs is a fanbase of all ages, young and old and from I've seen, from concerts and the internet, his fanbase is old. His fans have contributed so much in killing his career by being so out there and posting the most ridiculous crap that I have ever seen. Tell me, where did his young fans go after he won Idol? I think a lot of them were turned off by these old women because I know I was. I actually felt sorry for Taylor many times. How many times have you old gals been told to back off? He's not your freakin son, lover or friend. He's a young guy for cryin out loud!

    How hard is this to understand...you cannot have a career in music UNLESS YOU SELL YOUR MUSIC and his fanbase, the way it stands now, is not large enough to support him. If his next CD bombs, that will be the end of his music career. He will fade away and disappear and you won't ever hear anything from him ever again. Capiche? He's actually smart to look into acting opportunities, if he get them, that is, that might be his only salvation and claim to fame, besides his AI win, but that was three years ago!

    If you want to help Taylor, it really is simple - BACK OFF! Stop following him around and posting all your crap on the internet!

  13. Anon 3:30- Bill Will, that you?
    (haha! sorry, I thought it was funny!)

    Yeah, it's a strange phenomenon, isn't it? But I don't really know what can be done about the way his fans ADORE him.

  14. Anon at 3:30 by 'all your crap' exactly what are you referring to in this case?

    Your summation about the music vs the television aspect regarding many of his more ardent fans likely accurate. Too many say they don't listen to music, the radio, or had 'been away' from music until he came along. Strange really.

  15. Sunny, I was going to ask the same question about "all your crap."

  16. Anonymous11:13 PM

    I'm referring to those awful blogs, where they go on and on about Taylor, average age of those posters, 60 years old! Geeez, no wonder he has no young fans! The other one is the Boogie Board - I've never seen so many grannies gathered in one place. I really wish these women would go away.

    You want to show support - buy his music! That's the only thing you need to do to show support. Stop following him around, like love-sick puppies, to every show and meet and greet, you look ridiculous! I also cringe every time I see Taylor and a grannie posing for a pic and the grannie posts it on his myspace. I can't think of a better way to kill someone's music career.

  17. Anonymous11:20 PM

    Not sure who you are talking to, but I don't see Taylor as my son (not too many women able to give birth at the age of 3), lover (I am happily married, tyvm) or friend (I have never met the man). I just like the guy's music and his passion for the same. I have varied musical tastes. I just find it funny that you want to write off the biggest portion of society based on their age. Baby boomers are the ones with money. I don't understand why you feel their money is somehow less worthy than that of younger people.

    BTW, I have been to one concert, and rarely post anywhere. So I can hardly be accused of following him around, and "posting crap" everywhere.

  18. Anonymous9:29 AM

    I guess I am done posting on this thread...it's pretty obvious to me now that the other Anon. is here to start a fight. I should have known better....my bad!

  19. Well at least you are both Anonymous. Don't let folks run you off just because they disagree, blow it off and carry on.

    I appreciate everyone's opinions, but true, it's not necessary to insult personally anyone in making a point. (which is why so many comment under 'anonymous')

  20. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Because radio does not cater to the middle-age population. It doesn't matter how much money they have to spend. If radio does not play your music, you're done - it's over. No career in music. Understand?

    How is anybody supposed to buy your music, if it's not heard?

  21. I think he's working the local aspect - radio personalities in the cities "Grease" is traveling through. From the sounds of things, he's being handed ample opportunities to get word out on his new album, make a few new 'friends' along the way - that may help his case for obtaining radio play later. Call me optimistic.