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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Taylor Hicks' Providence Interview...and Beer

Taylor Hicks was invited to the 92 PRO-FM studio to talk "Grease", Providence, and his upcoming new record set to drop February 2009. Mr. Hicks is in good form, exhibiting an affable, approachable, laid back vibe as he speaks about the topics at hand with the folks in the radio booth.

"Modern Whomp" as a style definition omitted as he describes the style of music he's been inspired by in the creation of this new CD as more Van Morrison, James Taylor. He's asked about the critics, and anyone reading much about Mr. Hicks knows he's been lambasted by the music writers - not just ol' Simon Cowell - for the duration of his career following Idol. Taylor Hicks' expression following the interviewer's comment, "...better than having a bunch of "yes men' around" speaks volumes(4:04).

My on-line pal, Caryl, asked me why I'd think he'd listen to what 'we' write. 'We' being fans/bloggers in this case. Check at 3:00; Mr. Hicks says, "it's about the American people". Caryl, we be people!

Watching this interview, apparently Mr. Hicks is having some fun in Providence, when talking about the beer at a certain brewery (Trinity) establishment he adds, ""Just drink four and they all taste the same". Man, if you go back in, order a nice molten dark beer for Sunny.

Speaking of beer, here's a clip created from one of my favorite shows of all time, "The Man Show" - featuring one of the stars of that show.
The Fox



  1. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Sunny, That interview was the bomb. He looked great and seemed to be enjoying himself. I've never seen him this natural, open and revealing in such a long interview. Beer makes me think of Martys, hmmmm. rosie

  2. Rosie, this is a Fun Review. I think it's really fun that the show pulls in reference to A.I. with Frenchy's character saying, "I voted for you." Bwhahaha!

  3. jerdeyirish10:18 AM

    Sunny, I also thought this was one of his best interviews, he knows his direction, and he is hitting the road. Thought the Frenchie comment was funny!!


  4. I thought I was on the wrong blog there for a minute when I saw my name mentioned! Then I laughed out loud. Ha!

    Two important comments:

    1. I guess what I really meant was: do you think Taylor cares what his fans think, does he want to keep us?

    2. I assumed he knew a thing or two about beer. But then again he did say, "drink four of them and they all taste the same." LOL

  5. I had to come back to say that I was very impressed with the way things panned out in Providence this past week. Lots of great exposure.

    I think his new team is doing a great job. Management has to set up those interviews, right? Radio stations wouldn't necessarily come to him would they? And he's saying all the right things- he's being gracious about Grease, talking up the new CD, and being as charming as ever. Well, I guess the last thing just comes naturally. Nice job.

    And now I hear some scuttlebutt (I have NEVER used that word before in my life! But I digress. "Digress" I've used before. Moving on...) I hear that the tour is supposed to continue through the south in the summer. Wow. If I could see that man in a club near me, well...I'll promise never to say scuttlebutt again.

  6. Caryl, we will see how that scuttlebutt pans out - but man, this gig is being worked in a most advantageous manner. Kudos to the Soul Man. He's really learning how to do this.

    He's absolutely fascinating.

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    Keep up the good gun slinging. Real music matters.