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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Taylor Hicks: New Shirt Merch

Taylor Hicks, according to "It's a Soul Thing" blogspot, has some new merchandise to offer fans. It seems a design company, Alphabet Arm.com, has created a few new designs approved by Taylor Hicks' management. Searching Mr. Hicks' Official site, all I located was this page.

Checking out the new offerings written about on "It's a Soul Thing", I selected two to display on my page. One being the worst of the bunch, the other the best of the bunch. I'll let you dear readers determine which is which in my estimation.

The first example is a burgundy/brown tee with what looks like a vinyl decal, likely one of those thick kind that flake as you launder the shirt. The striking element of this design? Built on twist knobs strategically placed...what pops to mind as you view it? Maybe it's just my twisted mind. The blue one is a loud shade of aqua with harmonica stamping in yellow. Contrasting color combination the likes of the boy's department shirts I saw at the local Target. Incorporated into the design it appears perhaps some comic strip type work going on, but couldn't quite make out what it is since it's in just a lighter shade of blue than the shirt. CLICK to enlarge.

I'm hoping that this little bit of shirt design gone awry isn't a foreboding of more of 'when bad management happens to struggling musician'.

I had to show my Darling Man what I don't want under that Christmas tree. Mr. Hicks, please send those design folks back to that drawing table; or pick new designers.

Let's hope the bad taste in design and reinvention doesn't extend past this little jejune fashion faux pas.
"My Mistake" The King Bees


  1. Thank you! I thought it was just me. I don't like ANY of the designs. I could do better. No really, I actually could. I was once a graphic artist.

    Not that I want to do this, but Taylor has other creative fans who could probably whip up some purty designs and would ask for nothing more in return than a meet and greet pass. Next time you talk to him Sunny, tell him to get right on that.


  2. jerseyirish8:49 PM

    Sunny, Like the aqua one, not so much the one with the radio. Thought the radio one was strange, was it trying to send a message about radio play, just didn't get or like it. I wonder if he had any say in the designs as to what he wanted.


  3. Caryl, I will! (Like that will happen anytime in the near future, ha!)

    JI these were submitted by that above company apparently and approved by his management. Since he's not under anyone's 'thumbs' anymore I guess he's aware of them.

    Men, sometimes *shaking my head* ...you should see how my man use to go out in public before I came along. hahaha!

  4. jerseyirish9:22 AM

    Sunny, I hear your mine used to live out of a duffel bag. Washed and dried his clothes and just threw them in the bag and pulled out as he needed totally wrinkled. Took me a long time to get him to part with some of his treasures!!


  5. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Sunny, The radio looks like a 1959 plastic, portable radio. Grease is about 1959. Ha, Lets see Taylor sing his single wearing it and selling the shirts in the lobby! Just Kidding. Rosie

  6. Rosie, he could have had a shirt designed with glittery angel wings too, but so far so good, one hasn't appeared. Yet. ha.