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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Changes, Going Undercover, a Matter of Creative Necessity

Yesterday while painting, listening to some of my favorite CDs in random rotation, the album,"Undercover" by the Rolling Stones hit play. That brought me around to the process behind the album of the same name and a theory of thought for reinvention and change. Even the great Rolling Stones found need for reinvention.

This video from 1989, "Undercover", carries the tune exemplifying one of the Stones' most underrated offerings, the single from the album of the same name. Certainly the album isn't "Beggar's Banquet" or "Exile on Main Street" but still a brilliant rediscovery reflecting the times it was created within, yet eludes sounding dated.

This record is a dark, overlooked gem which has not ever received the credit deserved. Although it may not mesh with the charts' evidence, I find it a better selection of tunes than, say, that incredibly popular and money-making album, "Some Girls". (I switch the radio dial when stations play "Shattered".) Much of "Undercover" never heard light of radio play and the band scarcely acknowledges it in live performances. That said, it's a brilliant creation from a great band going through growth and change.

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