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Monday, November 10, 2008

"Love, War and the Ghost of Whitey Ford" - Everlast

Glide Magazine writer, Chris Clark interviews Everlast on his recent album, "Love, War and the Ghost of Whitey Ford". Clark writes, "Armed with a slick persona, creative song writing and an innate ability to capture ears and audiences..."

The album delivers a new definition to creative and leaps right into innovation. Everlast with his perfect phrasing, exploration of rhythm and rhyme is clearly a guy who enjoys words, playing with sounds and thinking outside the musical box found in most radio friendly top 40 tracks. For a reason I can't place my finger on - or the right cluster of brain cells to focus on the why - listening to this new album by Everlast, I thought, 'Frank Zappa'. There's something about the way the musical scores are handled, the melding of genres, the rhythmic patterns that possess an underlying Zappa frame of mind. Like Frank Zappa, Everlast dares think outside that musical cube, lays the parameters aside, steps out from that box called Acceptable Musical Norms and creates pure brilliance.

Everlast began his career in music with Hip Hop, became first famous with that song, "Jump Around", big smash hit of 1992. In '92 I was listening to anything but "Jump Around", wasn't a big fan of the hit tune nor the band, "House of Pain". The big man seems to have changed musical direction following suffering a near fatal heart attack. He veered from the House of Pain material and started his Whitey Ford direction which involved more acoustic tunes, utilized his guitar and bred another top charting tune,“What It’s Like,”.

Considering Everlast is a multi-platinum selling artist, he's captured a Grammy and was nominated for an Emmy with his song he wrote for the TNT series, "Saving Grace", it's a curiosity to me that this man is not covered by a major label. Of course, it could be by choice, but his work comes to market via his own label, Martyr, Inc. When asked in that Glide Magazine interview about changes in the music industry, Everlast said, "Now it seems if you don't bring the Majors some kind of instant success they just move on to the next. That combined with technology enabling consumers to easily steal music has led to it being a tough game nowadays."

Live Everlast interview, acoustic "Folsom Prison Blues"

Exclusive interview, a little Cash, a little Snoop, all Ev.

"Stone in My Hand" Everlast

video c/o of the man, martyincorporated


  1. hwy66gal8:56 PM

    Oh man, love that Papa Bear Grrrowl, Sunny. Wasn't he more than cool in concert. Had a fucking great time. Thanks.

  2. bobbi9:10 PM

    66 told me. So. You're sick. Fuck that. Chick you can do it. Here's your fucking song.

  3. Just let your post through bobbi. Man, been a while. So - I saw you lurking and not posting anything so why is that? You No-Showed 66 and I at that venue, where were you?

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  5. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Frank was one of the most interesting and creative people to hit the world and music. High praise for a guy to live up to and appreciated. E.S.

  6. High praise? Nah, just my opinion, an impression that hit me when listening, man.