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Monday, November 24, 2008

Thankful for...?

"Thank You for the Music" - this is funny. Yes, the days when sequined large rabbits made a fashion statement. (Check her shirt) LYRICS

This is what I got when I googled, thankful music. hahaha!

Now on to other things, I'm thankful for music like this:
"Thank You" Robert Plant, Jimmy Page

video c/o nobormees
And music like this: Taylor Hicks "Here Comes the Sun" Love this performance.

video brought to us by elaine1154

I'm thankful for too many things to list; thankful to be alive.

Much Love to all you IDOL BLUES readers.


  1. I'm such a downer on Thanksgiving. I hate the whole business of overeating, the excess, the waste. I hate what we ultimately did to the Indians. And I don't feel especially thankful for the crap I've had to deal with the past couple of years.

    See? Aren't I fun? But I enjoyed the three tunes you posted here and wanted to say THANK YOU for always being smart, honest and very cool.

  2. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Thankful to be alive indeed, and thankful for a cool blog like this to read. To borrow a phrase from childhood hero Charlie Daniels: "Ain't it Good to be Alive and be in Tennessee".

    I just got around to watching the outstanding Ben Harper/BBofA video...brought chills.

    Happy Thanksgiving Sunny.

  3. littlewing, that's some good tunes now isn't it? Love me some Ben Harper but that clip is FINE! Happy Thanksgiving to you littlewing!

    Caryl since we're talking what we hate, I hate the cleaning up, the stress that the dishes all come out great and making food to please everyone in this crowd that's coming. Man, some are just challenging! ha.

    Watched "Chuck" (love that show)last night, his sister Ellie made 'trial runs' at the turkey and dinner.

    That would be a great idea if I wanted to spend all that time and food to finesse the dishes. Mostly it's hit or miss!

    If I'm really concerned we just have several pre-dinner cocktails so folks are more loose, then hit the table. ha!

    Have folks traveling in, so hope the weather is good all around.

    Happy T-Day!

  4. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Sunny, Always enjoy reading your blog, thanks for the interesting topics. Loved the three vid's also.

    You know what I dislike the most about the Holidays, you spend days, preparing everything, they wolf down in 20 minutes, then are looking for dessert and you haven't even gotten one bite down your throat yet. All in all its great to have family and friends around to spend the time with. Have a great Turkey Day, enjoy!!


  5. So... you've had dinner with my Darling Man... hahahaha! The man can eat - and fast. hahaha!

    Thanks, JI, love hearing from you.

  6. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Just stopped by to wish Sunny and everyone Happy Thanksgiving. I'm not cooking this year! Bad part of that is no leftovers. Rosie