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Monday, November 03, 2008

Time to Get Out the Vote: Y'all Voted for Taylor Hicks...

Okay, so we can only punch that ballot once, whereas for Taylor Hicks that phone(s) could be dialed repeatedly, show a semblance of that kind of love for your country. If you haven't wandered your way into a voting booth, tomorrow is time.

Here's a few really well put together videos by m1media from the Youtube showing a humorous side:


Click this link to watch the SNL skit of Palin vs Palin.

Joe the plumber talks to Obama, who is defining his "Change" plan: i.e. New World Socialism. Joe speaks.

What it is about Barrack Obama that brings George Orwell to my mind? I know many who may read this blog are fans of Obama. You want that Change. Remember Animal Farm? Those animals wanted Change too. Remember 1984? Think what spreading the wealth might actually come to mean in our current technological society. Be careful what you wish for.

"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear." George Orwell.
1984 Trailer

A song about another kind of "Change" by Tracy Chapman


  1. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Sunny, I think there may be a record breaking vote and we will know the results early. I know which way Md. will go, same as always and we have quite a bit of the 1984 tude around here. Rosie

  2. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Tomorrow will be a historic day! A change is coming, a new day is dawning! Hallelujah!

    Obama/Biden '08!!!

  3. Anonymous9:31 PM

    “Nothing is more common than for a free people, in times of heat and violence, to gratify momentary passions by letting into the government, principles and precedents which afterward prove fatal to themselves.” - Alexander Hamilton

    After reading Karl Roves predictions I have pretty much given up hope. I hope its not to late when buyers remorse sets in.

  4. henry8, my thoughts as well, considering the predictions.

    Rosie, I love your coming by. Haven't much energy these days of late; past two weeks I'm talking about. Having some issues I am in high hopes of triumphing over. I miss you guys at 'Asses.
    Much love.

    anonymous, really doll, if you love him so much (Obama) leave you name or on-line alias. Really. tsk tsk.

    Great SNL run down tonight.

    GO VOTE.

    Love you guys for stopping by to leave a comment.