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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Taylor Opted for Time in France rather than a Playboy Dance...

As has been pointed out to me by several kind posters, Hef couldn't wait for the actual Halloween weekend, he jumped in early - said party was so last week. Myself, I'm feeling like I've been captured in a Time Warp, the days the past few weeks a blur of activity. So let's see, it's November 1, and we see that Mack Daddy has returned from "gay Paree" (and other cities in France).

Taylor Hicks writes on his Myspazz site, October 31:
"Hello Soul Patrol,
I just returned from France having complete pre production on the new
record. I cannot wait for y'all to hear it...it is truly my best work.
Have a great Halloween and be on the lookout for some more studio updates.

So big guy, is that promised album going to be ready for the new year? Pre-production? Well, what's needed now my dear Mr. Hicks, a taste of that pre-production material included in those studio updates. Not asking for the entire main course, but I'm absolutely salivating for just one small taste.
The Colour, "Just a Taste"


  1. Thanks, I didn't know that the big guy is back in the states. Pre-production is done? Wonder what that means? I've learned a lot following Taylor's career, it's really pretty interesting.

  2. jerseyirish9:01 PM

    Sunny, I had wondered if the music in the background on the audio was maybe something from the new CD, if it is I really liked the sound. I also wish a little something would come out, but I'm thinking we won't hear or see anything until Grease starts and some fan video gets put up with the new single. It really isnt that far off now, with the Holidays approaching it will go quickly.

  3. hwy66gal8:38 AM

    How did you find this band? I like their sound, it's like Elvis Costello meets Soul. Very kewl.

  4. littlewing9:42 AM

    Hey Sunny, yeah, I too would love to hear a little teaser from the upcoming album, tho I am going into this with very low expectations (unlike those highly anticipated days of the freshman album). That way, I won't set myself up for sheer disappointment this time.

    Thanks for posting The Colour. Had never heard of 'em. Australia representin':) I checked out some of their stuff at Napster. Am really diggin' on "Devil's Got A Holda Me". On this one the singer reminds me of the Cult's Ian Astbury. I noticed some hefty influences on their myspazz page..Led Zep among others. Great find!

  5. Yeah, I remember well that feeling when the Freshman CD came out. I was like, What? lol

    Gray Charles was kind when he described the album as having "layers". As in too many.

    It's hard to find much on them, shame too they have a good sound.

    Ian Astbury. Man, I don't care what some of the pretentious critics thought of him, he's one of my favorites.

  6. henry89:21 PM

    Seems like I was the opposite, I expected very, very little of the AI influenced album and was plesently surprised that he was able to get as much of himself in there as he did.
    I've actually grown quite fond of some of the freshman album, I am a fan of the art of singing and he does it so well. Often I admire Taylors singing even when I don't like the damn song.