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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Mysteries of the Myriad of Technological Beasts in My Office

I've been experiencing a frustrating time working with the, I'll call them, 'modern day office appliances' this week. Eddie Izzard sums up my ordeal in dealing with issues with my printer, my fax machine, hell, especially this beast I'm typing on. Don't get me started with my photo printer. (I'm bringing back my darkroom and the 35mmSLR.)

Top things off I received a new keyboard, it's this soft squishy gelatinous thing (taking it back) it looked cool, felt neat at the store, but hell, I wasn't real great with the old one. Thing is, I am notorious for being the most inept typist imaginable, I'm completely ridiculous, oxygen deprivation at birth or something. I was thinking this new flexible, can spill my coffee on it and it will survive, keypad would make me faster. Perhaps typing ties into that part of the brain that can do calculus - impossible for me to even look at - it's like Martian hieroglyphics.

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