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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Taylor Hicks: You Gotta Move to Capture Information

As in the past, Taylor Hicks has sent out information, sound bites, and he then he taketh away. Thought I'd go ahead and post this up since on his "My Rocket Science" page his bio page has reverted back to the old format and the new image, the one I've captured in this post, is now removed. (Information now has him still in New York doing "Grease" twice a week.) Theory of thought with Hicks, if you stumble across some information, best get it while it's there, by tomorrow it's likely to have vanished. Sometimes it feels like perhaps I imagined it...

(Click to enlarge.)
Found this link posted by that lady who calls herself Griz over at It's All Grey's blog yesterday. Taylor does his harmonica/guitar thing on the morning show. Love this clip, performing "Hold on to Your Love". Bill Zwecker talks to Taylor.

Mysterious ways of Taylor Hicks, always something to consider when following his path. Which made me think of this tune, appropriate because it is The King's birthday.
"Mystery Train"


  1. Anonymous7:21 AM

    Yes, Looks like everything was set for the Jan. 6th release date which is now the 20th. Glad we got a glimpse of what is to come. LOL. Loved his guitar/harmonica performance. He looked so comfortable and sounded so good. I think he's been practicing. LOL.


  2. Hi Dee, he should just leave it up, man, the longer the PR up the better really. I enjoy watching the man working his art far more than his racing around on stage.

    Some of this live would be great. Since he's been previewing his music with his guitar and now harmonica, I'm thinking that's what we will be seeing more of - have those critics sit up and listen instead of dismissing him as that mad dancing guy from Idol. haha

  3. Wonder what he's going to perform on the 17th in the club? I can't imagine we'll be hearing any new stuff. Darnit! I was going to write a review. Now all I have to look forward to is some kick-ass old music in an intimate club setting. (heehee!)

  4. jerseyirish8:49 AM

    Sunny, I noticed the page was gone yesterday, figured maybe with the date of release the 20th they pulled it back. I agree it was good publicity and would have been in his best interest to leave it up. If the date is changed again I am not concerned, when he feels everything is where he wants it to be, then it will be released.