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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pride and Joy: Stevie Ray Vaughn

I was just a girl but man I loved this guy.
In a musical sense of course.

It's put the cig the fuck down. ha. Jammin'


  1. "man I loved this guy"

    Literally! ;)

  2. ahaha! Now don't go outing me. haha It's been a Bloody Mary Morning/afternoon.

    Had some old friends come into town yesterday afternoon, we intended to hit Happy Hour and dinner, but apparently forgot the dinner part. instead swam through a vat of Margaritas.

    I come home, everyone in bed already, so what do I do? Jump on-line. ha. My meager IQ plummets 50 points with adult bevs.

    (DM stayed home with Daphne, as they were my friends from waaaay back.)

    We were talking old times, Stevie's name came up. lol