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Monday, January 05, 2009

Taylor Hicks; a Glimpse at the Road Back

Back from what you might ask? I'll get to that. Yesterday, Taylor Hicks sang at the Eagles/Viking match up, performing the National Anthem; unfortunately with football, for all the Taylor Hicks fans, that portion is not shown, unlike baseball. Who makes these rules anyway?

vid by skeeter226
It's a good thing he was able to do this game, too bad it wasn't a televised moment, example why; folks like this who were simply wondering where he's been. Wtf Taylor Hicks sang the National Anthem. Where has that guy been?.

This one reason the Teen Angel role is an absolutely brilliant choice for Hicks' career. This gig has the potential to provide the man the national mobility he needs, while at the same time interview options in the various 'ports-o-call'. This may have played a hand in his landing this Vikings/Eagles* game as well, but since the game was also aired on FOX, simply a decision made to aide in promoting the new season of American Idol.

I know there are many fans who consider the "Grease" national tour a horrible idea. My opinion leans toward these folks mean well, they may just not be thinking in the vein of the entertainment business. Too, it's possible some prefer to continue the train of thought holding Mr. Hicks in a sort of fairy-tale Cinderella role. You know, one day that glass slipper will show up and miraculously fit; a miracle will ensue and he'll be handed the recognition all his fans think he deserves.

I based this opinion on reading some of the fans discussing Mr. Hicks' time playing dives, bars, those days he slept on that worn and torn couch dreaming of making it one day in the entertainment world playing his music. I'll tell you, dear readers, that's one highly overrated and absolutely non-glorious lifestyle if one has to actually live it. Sure, it looks romantic on the silver screen, and yes, usually those script writers end the story in a glow of happy circumstance with that artist gaining recognition, carried about on the shoulders of their fans celebrating a long deserved success. But in the real world, that story usually far from truth. It's one reason we love the movies, that escape from the harsh road that awaits most dreamers walking in the real world; the real world is not a "Miracle on 34th Street", there are no glass slippers.

Taylor Hicks is reported to have a new single to hit the sound waves soon. Word out, it was to be available on iTunes the 6th, tomorrow, but seems there's been a change. Now projected for the 20th of the month. It has a name now, "What's Right is Right". You can visit this site, My Rocket Science for up to date information on Mr. Hicks, this music release information and other related topics. Too, tomorrow, the 6th, he is scheduled to perform on the WGN morning show, Chicago. No indication whether he's promoting his role in "Grease" or if we may be in for a taste of the material on the new CD promised for March. If your satellite or cable provider doesn't carry WGN, check this site link.

So, as I said in the opening of my post, back to what? Back to striving toward that goal he's set out for himself when he entered that FOX reality show. I retain high hopes for Mr. Hicks that he gain good press and recognition in this next endeavor to have his voice heard. Taylor Hicks has always reminded me of a boxer and as long as he keeps swinging, I'll keep on listening.
"The Boxer" LYRICS Cinderella Man filmclip

created by lizardlady44
(If you've not seen this movie, you're missing out. Viva Jim Braddock's memory)


  1. jerseyirish2:04 PM

    Sunny, Bravo very well said. I too believe the Grease role has and will bring him much success. Some folks can't get beyond the soul bar singer, yes he is still and will always be a soul singer, just making a few stops along the way to ensure his futute.

    We were worried about the promo, wow do they have a line up for him. He will be seen all over promoting his new CD. The 20th isn't too far away, I can wait patiently.


  2. jerseyirish2:13 PM

    Sunny, Did you hear this it is from Amazon its a litlle snippet of the new single "Whats Right is Right" Sounds wonderful!!



  3. Thanks, JI, just had a ramble hit me. ha, No hadn't gone to amazon today, thanks, JI! I'm obviously pumped about this new music.