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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Taylor Hicks Half time Performance? Holiday Greetings? Big Ol' Nada in the News

Word out by a fan that Taylor Hicks is performing the National Anthem today for the Vikings/Eagles match-up at 3:15 p.m. Interesting nothing to be found on the game's website, NFL Game Center or on any of the 'official' Taylor Hicks websites. Perhaps a last minute deal.

Promotion be damned I guess. Just let the on-line fans and the bloggers go at it - it's free. Hell, folks, last update on his MySpazz site was December 3rd, over a month past. No Christmas cheersing, no Happy New Year, nada. What gives on the communication front? Or, should I say Lack of Communication front - that's more appropriate.

This noteworthy considering Taylor Hicks is set to release some new material, last word from the Hicks' camp he was releasing on iTunes next week a new single. What is it? What does it sound like? Remains to be seen. I did read that his Headquarters site has some word on a video to be shot in Chicago. That's something, I guess.
"Song Remains the Same" Led Zeppelin


  1. jerseyirish2:12 PM

    Sunny, Someone just put up he is appearing on WGN ( I guess a morning show there) in Chicago Tues morning and performing, ya think he may do the new sinlge it is 1/6. I agree there has been no communication with his sites, that really isn't a good thing. Even just a hi I am doing good would help just something coming from him. The only confirmation is that he is singing today, but they are not sure it will be televised.


  2. F@##!

    I'm in a bad mood because apparently I'm old.

  3. You old? F@##! then so must I be! haha well there is something to be said for a certain amount of age and experience.

    Well, if Mr. Hicks performed today, he wasn't televised. Why do they televise the baseball games' national anthems and not football? Travesty I say!

  4. Anonymous6:01 PM

    I was so disappointed!! I really wanted to see him sing. At least then we would still know that he's alive!! ;)

  5. Anonymous6:22 PM

    Well, he's alive. They just showed a shot of him. All's well. ;)

  6. Hi IAG, was just going to add that - I just happened to flip back to the game, talk about kismet, lol, and there he was. Joe Buck commended him for doing a fine job. Little things, just the little things...

  7. jerseyirish7:02 PM

    I was sitting waiting for the game to start and my hubby came home and asked why I was watching, he said is your boy on? He said I hate to inform you but football is about the only sport they don't show it being sung, don't know why but they don't. I was disappointed, but he was happy to sit and watch the game.