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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Taylor Hicks, WGN Chicago: He just keeps reeling me in...

Taylor Hicks appeared on the WGN Chicago Morning Show today which marks the start of the "Grease" tour stop in the Windy City. He selected a tune off of his "Early Works" CD, sat on a darkened stage on a stool with just his guitar. He performed one of my favorite tunes off of that compilation record, "Early Works" called "The Fall". Click that link to watch the performance from this morning. He was brilliant.

To watch his interview from the show, go HERE. Talk ranged from riding that "Grease" ice cream cone to the whole entertainment situation; theater vs music stage. Naturally talk about American Idol had to surface. Taylor also reminisced about his night playing with Buddy Guy and friends and what a great honor and fun experience that was for him. Oh, yeah, and he loved the "Bozo Show". Good times. He is set to return the 17th it sounds like... to play that special Bozo game.

Mr. Hicks will make some dreams come true soon, click this link for the what and the when.

Taylor Hicks jamming - short clip:

video supplied by Geanna5876
Another longer jam at Buddy Guy's bar

vid shot by fastchic44
Taylor Hicks has his new single for MP3 downloading on amazon.com.

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  1. jerseyirish6:37 PM

    Sunny, You know how I felt about this today, he was perfection, right down to the interview. I had chill's and also felt a tear in my eye when he sang. He is on his mark, he is getting set and ready to take off. With the promotion they have, the video's, I think this CD will be his shining moment.