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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Scott MacIntyre on American Idol

"And so It Goes" Billy Joel sung by Idol contestant.

vid c/o MasonMKaumans
Reading comments, he's already got the home audience crying and carrying on about him. Should be one of the top contestants, this show will love him.


  1. jerseyirish7:44 AM

    Sunny, Watched last night, his story was very touching, thought he had a nice voice, and it was very brave of him to try out. The judges seemed to like him also. Thought some of the others that I saw last night were stronger vocally, but I do hope he does well in the competition.


  2. Saw Perry Cataldo in the footage shot of the contestants but he did not get past the judges, nor did they show him. He tried out last season and was pretty good, I thought. Has a rap sheet though, so likely that is keeping him off the show. I was disappointed he did not get air time singing again.

    This guy's not my favorite or anything; I just know the producers will work his story. He did an okay job, probably more comfortable when he can use his piano.

  3. Anonymous7:11 PM

    Scott's performance didn't really do him justice of what he is capable of. I have seen him perform live a few times. He is an amazing singer and performer. I can't wait to see what he does with his keyboard in front of him.

  4. Thanks for posting that about Scott. I've heard he does make it through Hollywood.