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Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Few Musings on A.I. Last Night

I'm not going to get into a whole show critique, there's so many out there to pick from, don't have the time. I will comment about local boy, Michael Castro. Mike, dude, read "The Emperor Has No Clothes" and apply it to your hair. I'm thinking the style has something to do with his family influence and the thought process that he needs have something to stand out from the crowd, especially with brother Jason and his dreads.

Last night the interview of the two Castros were revealed, you can spot that family resemblance.

Haven't found vid on Michael's actual singing on the show yet, but sure it will surface soon enough. Spoiler alert, don't get too excited about a Castro 2.0, Joe's Place spilled he gets cut in Hollywood.

I sort of liked this guy's voice, he's got a Robert Downey Jr look to him too. Thing is the sad story part incorporating his wife's death into the show just comes across as something that rhymes with his last name. Rickey had a good vid up on his site. Link Danny Gokey HERE.

Then there's this guy, did a thesis on BBQ in college. Got to love that.

Anoop Dawg. Has a ring to it.

Hard to find good youtubes today, guess I'll have to start making my own.

Oh, have to say two more words: Lil Rounds. You have to catch her.


  1. jerseyirish5:14 PM

    Sunny, Watched the show also last night. Sorry to hear Michael gets voted off so early on. I liked him, a very self confident young man.

    I agree they didn't play it up too much about Danny's loss. I actually thought him and his buddy were both pretty good.

    Looking at Anoop didn't think he would have anything, but was very good. I was thinking another Sanja, but was pleasantly surprised.

    Also thought a couple of the girls were good too. The young lady who was last, 23 married, mom of 3, thought she had great stage presence and sang with ease.

    Although I never watched until season 5, have seen the Idol rewinds of seasons 1-3. The most talent I think they had by far was season 5. I don't see the excitment I saw that season. Thought the top ten that year were all very good. My second favorite outside of Taylor was Elliot. I think Idol maybe loosing its steam, alot of folks that I work with said they stopped watching after season 6, they were very disappointed, didn't think it was any good anymore.

    I do enjoy watching and seeing the young talent that make it through, seeing them progress through the season.


  2. JI, Idol was the best ever the year Mr. Hicks won. The talent pool one of the most talented bunch of the series to date. Taylor created such excitement that year it was just crazy, the on-line portion of the show exploded. I'm thinking the producers they have now realize the error in dissing Mr. Hicks in the past and are trying to compensate a little bit for it now as it did hurt the show's ratings. Better or worse, Taylor remains one of Idol's most popular contestants.

    I liked that Lil Rounds a lot too, she possesses a really good voice. This is a show that to get the most enjoyment out of, no matter how you find it, (lol) you need see from the start.

    Thanks, JI.

  3. Anonymous2:30 PM

    I love Danny Gokey. He has an awesome voice and I think his personality is going to be coming out more.