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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Shinedown Need No Second Chance (but it's great)

I fell in love with Brent Smith's vocals a long while back. Man, wore out the first CD they put out. Acted like a 17 year old to get to see them last time they performed near here. Darling Man from the moment I pointed out this band found reasons to really dislike them. For some reason he simply selects to hate anything I enjoy unless it has to do with him. (He's not on my 'Good List' lately as you might surmise.) This song is being played like every fifteen minutes on our main rock station here in Big D. Considering this station, like most here in Dallas (in other words they usually suck) have a set format to adhere to, that says something.
Shinedown acoustic, "Second Chance"

This is one of the first songs I fell in love with from Shinedown,"45"

I was so knocked out with the power of his vocals, just gorgeous.
Love the tone of this song and the story behind it. "I Dare You"

Test of a truly great band, and singer... Live.

Shades of The Doors wander through the windows of my mind when I listen to them.
In the event you're interested, I put together a published piece on them and made a rudimentary webpage as a reminder, back in 2006. Carries links to their sites and information.


  1. hwy66gal11:37 AM

    You know how I love "Shinedown"!

  2. jerseyirish6:26 PM

    Sunny, Didn't realize that was the name of the band, my kids listen to the group. As soon as I heard him sing I knew I had heard them before. He does have a very powerful voice, thanks for posting.


  3. They came to Dallas House of Blues in '07 with two other bands. Great show. A few pals of mine tagged along with me - we were deaf when we left but had a blast.