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Monday, January 19, 2009

Cardinals Have Learned to Fly

Yesterday the Cinderella Cardinals proved, in the last minutes of the game they have what it takes to finally shed proper light on what former coach, Dennis Green, in 2006 said, "The Cardinals are who nobody thought we were".

The day started on a high note with the Cards showing dominance the first half with McNabb and his Eagles coming up short. Half time bred new fight into the guys from Philly. They returned to answer the Cards, manning a mighty comeback drive lead by by the Eagles, who scored three touchdowns in a span of eight minutes, 23 seconds, climbing into the lead by one point.

Kurt Warner has had a dream this season that he wasn't ready to relinquish; neither was this team. Cardinal's receiver Larry Fitzgerald (number 11) once again emerged as a star of this team, scoring three TD's but rookie running back Tim Hightower clinched the win on an 8-yard shovel pass from Kurt Warner with 2:53 to go. It was a real nail biter, but that two-point conversion sealed the deal for this Cinderella team and their first ever visit to the Super Bowl in Cardinal franchise history. This body of football players show the heart, drive and Team Work to do what has historically been seemingly impossible for this franchise.

Here's to hoping those Super Bowl rings an exact fit for this historically overwhelmingly underdog franchise. Terrell Owens - this is the real deal in 'getting your popcorn ready'.

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