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Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Gray Ghost Speaks

And so he writes...."The study found that the radiofrequency electromagnetic waves a cell phone emits when it's in talk mode can lead to higher levels of free radicals in sperm samples from healthy men—free radicals are the rogue molecules that have been implicated in heart disease, cancer and numerous others human diseases—and to a reduction in sperm motility and viability.

Our sources have, of course, sent us some audio."

Live it Out Loud, Man. And come back. *wink*


  1. It's your thing
    Do what you wanna do
    I can't tell you
    Who to sock it to

  2. Hmm. GC has reemerged. Maybe the CD will be a success.

  3. Anonymous10:01 PM

    Good to see you Charcoal!

    GC kind of rules today.

  4. Charcoal, yes, there's much to be said about Freedom.
    "Eat when you wanna eat,
    Sleep when you wanna sleep,
    And say what you wanna say,
    I like the children play what they wanna play

    Work when you wanna work..."