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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cinderella Cardinals and The Other Taylor

Last night Darling Man and I were spudding on the couch, downing Shiner Blacks cheering on the fantastic Cinderella Cardinals as they kicked the overall favorited team's ass last night. Man, tragic for Delhomme, he looked completely Romo-tized, his Panthers traumatized. Not so happy a birthday for Delhomme. Wonder if Tony gave him an after game empathy phone call?

Ever since this past disastrous Cowboy season fell into the final crapper we've decided on becoming Cardinal fans for the duration of this season. This team appeals to me on several levels. I've always liked Kurt Warner, he's been one of my favorite QB's through good times and bad, he's a talented athlete and incredible fighter who's not ready to say quits because of age or past injuries. Warner had been counted out back in 2005 as possibly being unable to sustain starting QB position, but he fought his way back into the role. Some have criticized his playing for the Cards since they haven't seen play-off light since 1947 when they were a Chicago team - too this long standing football team - one of the original football teams in the history of the NFL has never been to the Super Bowl. This year with Warner giving it what he can give, and this team, love me some hard playing heads up football, (shout out to number 11!) they have a chance to make some real history for the franchise.

Cards slaughter the Panthers highlights:

video created by The InfamousBSO
It's a good thing the Cowboys are out, there's no way they could compete with heart like this team's showing. Have to say after seeing Delhomme's handsome face after the game, I felt badly for him. It's so sad to be Romo-tized.

Today I'll tune into the Eagles vs Giants game - will likely be a great game. Nothing against Baby Manning, but I've been a McNabb fan for a long while so partial to 'Superman' taking the team further; he's been having some tough times, but like Warner keeps on keeping on - no Romo-tizing for him either. Man, what a Super Bowl it would be to see the Cardinals vs the Eagles.

Anyway, after the game last night and since we were still spudding on the couch, had one more beer to down, we tuned into Saturday Night Live. Neil Patrick "Doogie Howser" Harris was to be a special guest, and young Taylor Swift was the musical guest, this one of her songs captured from the show.

Perhaps it's one of those Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana things.


  1. Anonymous3:16 PM

    They can't have Card vs Eagle Super Bowl nitwit...lol

  2. I realize that but I can fantasize.