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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"What's Right Is Right" Taylor Hicks Music Video and What's Wrong With It

Taylor Hicks has released a spanking new music video created by Jake Davis, a lovely young guy with an affinity for clothing. Reading his blog you can learn more about what to wear than what not to.

This brand new Taylor Hicks Video is featuring his new single that is being sent out to the radio wave markets titled, "What's Right is Right". Thing is, after viewing this video, the only thing I am finding right about it is the lighting effects and the vocals, Mr Hicks is in fine voice. Love the bubble-lights and the sepia tone. Love the wardrobe; Mr. Hicks is wearing a very sexy peacoat type jacket and a great suit. Regarding story telling, much is lacking in this first video offering by Mr. Hicks from Jake Davis.

Watching Jake Davis' take on Taylor Hicks, while being visually appealing - and Mr. Hicks is certainly well attired as fits Mr. Davis' love of fashion - the story behind the lyrics of this song are sorely lacking. What I am seeing is a flash glimmer of the meaning of the song, most emphasis being spent on appearance not the message.

Now I know many fans are going to scream, "oh the lyrics are to be interpreted not taken literally!".

My response, in a song like this one, there is little room for interpretation. It's an "out there" song. It's lyrically impossible to misconstrue this song, there are no hidden meanings, it's not "White Rabbit" for heaven's sake. This is a song about a man to a woman, or at least a loved one, saying he will be there no matter what and throughout time.

What this video does not relate to is any sort of love. Let's not even think any sort of sexuality inherent that this song implies. Investigating, lyrically, the song has this line,
I don't wanna go a single night without you. I don't wanna know what an empty bed is like. When you laugh I'm laughing. When you cry I'm crying.
and carries on with:
I don't wanna go a single night without you. I don't wanna know what an empty bed is like. When you laugh im laughing. When you cry im crying.

So, obviously this a soul song between lovers. Thing that stands out is this video has a complete lack of heterosexual sexiness. Now some borderline inference face over shots are shown of a young lady with red lipstick flashing over the scene, but she's never incorporated in proximity with Mr. Hicks. Certainly there are no love scenes much less any kissing scenes in this video. It ends with a "maybe" back glance but the characters, Taylor and this unnamed lady are seemingly a mile apart. Importantly, with a song that is pegged as a Soul Music Song there is not one iota of seeming sexual tension. It is as asexual as a gelded stallion. Nothing of great attraction and I must say does nothing for the rumors that lately have assailed Taylor Hicks regarding his sexual orientation. I will say for the vocal treatment and the lighting, I like this video. What I don't like is the waste of potential that could have been created with this song, for Taylor Hicks regarding marketing.

Sorry about the ad, but it is for a good cause. Go forth get ye an education.


  1. Spin,intriguing review, very different from my initial thoughts. I get you on the missed marketing opportunity ... sex sells, and there's precious little of that in this video. If Mr. Hicks was seeking to "reinvent himself" here, he has missed the mark.
    *waits for Armageddon*

  2. Yes, YKW I'm positive many will disagree with my assessment. Could have been so much more sexy with just a few twists of the film. I'm just not going to be one of the popular kids ever. LOL

    He certainly is looking good, what we see of him, much is covered with the light globes and darkness. I love the lighting, the effects, the suit but think it a shame that more overt sexual innuendo not utilized.

  3. I finally watched it and I have to say: I don't get it. It IS lovely visually but I'm not sure what they're trying to say. Maybe: "He sings about love and commitment, but doesn't actually have that in his own life" ? I mean, I get that, but in the end it's suggested that he picks up a girl from the club. I find that confusing, he should have just walked off alone.

    I know some will say we're over-analyzing, but don't music videos tell a story?

    Oh! I have an awesome ending. Taylor walks off alone, THEN the girl comes out and watches him walk away. She makes a sad face, turns around and walks off in the opposite direction. He misses his chance to find the kind of love he sings about. Someone get Jake on the phone!

  4. I know Caryl, my thoughts exactly watching it last night. So what's the story? Where's the story? Normally music vids do incorporate a certain amount of storytelling. I thought with the song selection that it was a more romantic geared tune as did many say they did too on the boards. Now some of those folks are retracting their conceptions from before and denying the implications. LOL

    I had a great scene incorporated into that sax moment, scene cuts to Taylor and that gal in a steamy semi-clothed embrace, all those bubble orbs bouncing around them...then cut back to the bar, her looking coyly at him and then flash back to outside as they part.

    You're ending sounds good too!

    Nobody asked what we wanted. pft.

  5. What I find hilarious and oh-so-telling is all the criticism I'm reading of the girl in the bar. The SP doesn't "get her", she's "the wrong look", she's "a terrible actress" (yeah, for the 5 seconds she appeared on screen... LOL!).
    It's just such typical Soul Patrollery, sour grapes and jealousy all the way. Pray that poor soul has entered the TH Identity Protection Program, or else her MySpace or Facebook will be flooded with all sorts of ridiculousness.

  6. Oh, and I have to add that I'm loving your analysis of Jake and his fashion sensibility.
    Do you think Mr. Davis and Mr. Hicks bonded over cashmere and fine leather and a legacy was born?

  7. From my several viewings of the video I get the idea the plot is about the young man's contemplation of the relationship of the couple in the diner! That's the only point that makes sense to me. The girl in the club is just a girl...maybe his future "somebody".

  8. "TH Identity Protection Program." Hahaha! I love that!

    The girl's gorgeous. What's not to get?

    The bigger question is why is she alone in the club? What a slut! (hahaha) Maybe she's a hooker? LOL

  9. Caryl, I kid you not... I actually read somewhere where the poster speculated she was "left behind in the bar b/c her date didn't like her revealing dress" ... WTF??!?

    *rolls around howling with laughter*

  10. Bwhahaha! The Date did not like her dress - that sounds like something that would come out of the mouth of a true Churchie. He slunk away in shame and left her sitting there with her Cosmo oogling the bar singer who is pretty much oblivious to her. LOL

    Seriously Hick and Davis likely made fast friends with the mutual fascination with all things made of perfect denim, cashmere and ... leather. *grins* Wonder what Bill thought...

  11. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Damn..I'm sorry I missed this conversation.