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Friday, February 13, 2009

Taylor Hicks Goes to Disneyland and Love is in the Air...

Okay, perhaps not Disneyland, rather the Florida version, Disney World. Too, Taylor finds himself perched on the precipice of True Love. The life of an entertainer is a busy one and this past Thursday Taylor Hicks joined six other past Idol winners on parade Thursday night for the opening of the Disney attraction, "American Idol". Finally after eight seasons, Mickey, and Minnie Mouse capitalize on honor the reality show. Gosh almost makes it seem as if perhaps this show is nearing the end of its run, an exhibit of sorts in memory of a program famous for stomping the ratings for any other show sharing its time slots.

Finishing his parade day duties in the land of Walt, Mr. Hicks will jet up to New York City to experience his very own Dating game on Live with Regis and Kelly He's entered a contest this next week in a segment called, "Dating With the Stars". A little late for Valentines Day but hey, better late than never. Besides, Valentines Day just a tad over commercialized overrated.

Taylor states in his show bio that he's desiring, "...a free spirited career-minded gal who can be serious during the week but can cut loose on the weekends." (I've already covered in another post.) In other words, nothing serious for our Teen Angel, plus he certainly doesn't want to be your Sugar Daddy; contestants and potential love interests best come equipped with a life and a career, but be ready to kick it up on the weekends.

Of the contestants selected for the at-home folks to hit with votes, these lovelies have made it to the Top Three. That will bring them to the Regis and Kelly Show for a chance to win a date, as well as national television exposure alongside Taylor Hicks.

First up, there's blonde ambition, Ms. Julie Courtney. She's a 31 year old Real Estate Consultant out of one of my favorite cities, San Francisco. She reminds me of someone...just can't place who right now... Oh yeah, she also sings. Julie's MySpazz.

Speaking of California, there was another entertainer, actor, a celebrity turned state Governator who played a similar game back in the day...

Leaving California, the next contestant is from clear across the continent, already equipped with a tiara, fitting for a possible new role of 'Queen of the Soul Patrol'! Now, I've actually known gals who for fun, will wear one of these head sparklers out on the town just to be sparkly and shiny different, but something tells me, yes I'm perceptive like that, this lady possibly a past beauty queen contestant...or it was just her birthday... She's 27 years old and hails from Brandon, Florida. Most likely she does not prance around in a tiara full-time (well, you never know) as she's employed as an "Office Manager" although we're not enlightened as to what kind of office she's the manager of or which company. Could be an Office Depot for all we know. Her name is Stephanie Hlad.

Next up for the honor of a limo ride about The Big Apple, another 27 year old, also from the East coast, out of Washington, DC. Her current career is listed as "Online Campaign Coordinator". Interesting, since having someone to efficiently coordinate Taylor Hicks' on-line world would be a very good thing. She has a brilliant smile, very cute with a 'girl-next-door' appeal. Her name is as cute as her smile; Emily Stivers.

Since we know no more than their smiles, present hair color, tiaras and occupations as listed, it would really be impossible to prognosticate the winner of that date with Taylor Hicks. I am so hoping Stephanie will wear that tiara, they are so underused.
Celebrating Valentines Day, "Have You Ever Loved a Woman" Eric Clapton.

Video c/o chrisbekas

Whomp, don't run for your Bootleg copy of the DVD pulled off of Amazon.com.


  1. Anonymous10:40 PM

    "so hoping Stephanie will wear that tiara, they are so underused."



  2. Have a pic of Emily, not so cute in this one I'm afraid. CLICK.

  3. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Stalker or sane?



  4. I know, Dee, read all about her on Smartie's already. I think stalker. I will make it a plan to watch Regis Thursday that's for sure.

  5. Anonymous7:07 AM

    Where is Smartie's?

  6. Anonymous8:16 AM

    Smartie has the evil IdleTard site, she's a Worster. ;)