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Monday, February 09, 2009

A Few of The Artists Inhabiting this Year's Grammys

The Grammys aired last night and I missed out, but there's the internet and the good ol' Youtube network. I went exploring and found a few videos to share. These are not from the Grammy's just videos capturing a few of the artists bringing some great music to the show.

Yellow tape time://*Caution Fangurl Moment*//

You know how couples will talk about 'other people' outside the relationship (normally some kind of celebrity or sports hero) they have a 'pass' on. 'Pass', meaning that should you be fortunate to meet this person and somehow Lady Luck smiles prettily at you, somehow the situation changes, the potential arises for an adult interlude. (In my wildest...) This guy's one of my 'Passes'. He's so very everything on so many levels.
"Tiny Dancer" Dave Grohl

There goes my hero...

This was a terrific nod toward real music: Rock Instrumental Performance: "Peaches En Regalia" - Zappa Plays Zappa
Pure brilliance.

One of my favorites from the multi-honor winning Robert Plant and Alison Kraus compilation. Just really interesting how great Plant's tunes translate to this type of sound.
"In the Mood"

"Say" John Mayer

No matter what HollyWierdness John's caught up with in his real life, he's brilliant as a writer, singer, musician.
Coldplay "The Scientist"


  1. Thanks, Sunny. Not many people can sit down at a mic with nothing but a guitar and hold you spellbound. He never heard Tiny Dancer until he saw the movie, "Almost Famous?" Naw, I don't believe it.

    Why are musicians so damned sexy? He's got more appeal in the second video, "My Hero", but I still don't want to do him. LOL! Go for it.

    I'm really enjoying the videos this morning, over here and at itsllgrey. I've got "The Scientist" playing right now and I keep stopping to just sit and take it in. Mmmm...good stuff.

  2. I feel sort of dreamy and scatter-brained from all the good music today. The "he" I kept talking about in the above comment is obviously Dave Grohl. *floating away now*

  3. Caryl, he's (Grohl) on the top of my list of Sexiest Man Alive. "Do him"? Ah man.

    Good tunes this morning, went rambling around Youtube and now have the iTunes on while I work.