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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

American Idol - Hollywood Week with Nick "Norman Gentle" Mitchell - and friends

I read someone describing him as the love child result of Richard Simmons having one drunken night of heterosexuality. *giggle*

Will post a Youtube of last night's when one available. This guy is a kick, needs his own show.

Certainly Idol is more entertaining with him around. To read what other "fans" have said about him click HERE.

He was my favorite last night. NO, I'm not saying he was the best singer. I'm saying he was my favorite. Getting tired already of Gokey and his deceased wife story. True it's a sad thing, but nothing to define yourself for the rest of the time you are on Idol. Certainly gives him a one-up with some of the gullible viewers out there still thinking this show is real. Lil Rounds sang okay, not as great as the judges gushed, but well, she's one of the TCOs this season, good for her. Who I think may be one of the most unstable, Nathaniel Marshall, he gets into the top 36. Why do I call this kid 'unstable'? You'd have had to catch his telling the judges that 'this just is in his skin'. Yes, I'm mean.
Filmed by someone who caught him practicing at the airport.

As for Nick/Norman, doubt he'll make it much further which makes me sad. Top 36 list already out and unless his name's actually Nick Western, he's not on it.

ETA according to mjsbigblog he does hit the Top 36! Could the Worster list be wrong?

Tonight is group night and hope it's better than last night. Perhaps we'll see Adam Lambert do his thing - he's the one to watch.

For a complete minute by minute entertaining play by play hit Jim Cantiello's blog; I'm certainly not going to do it. Seriously, though, Jim's good.


  1. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Nick/Norman for the WIN!!!

  2. jerseyirish9:32 PM

    Sunny, Watched Idol tonight, didn't he make it through? I thought that was him. His group was having their share of problems, as well as the girl group Diva's.


  3. I'm not sure if he made it any further since they did not elaborate any further than to show his face looking disappointed. He's likely an addition to just bulk up the entertainment aspects associated with Hollywood week. We'll see more next week now that the rosters been cut.

  4. Is it Norman or Normund Gentle? I've read it both ways, but either way I find him enormously entertaining, too. He's walking a comedic tightrope, but so far his shtick doesn't grate on my tender nerves.

    Danny Gokey's dearly departed, Sophia, was a huge Taylor Hicks fan. He is the first thing she wrote about on her Bebo page (Google Sophia Gokey). I liked Danny's audition and he obviously arranged his group's performance of Somebody to Love. Just as obviously, the show is pushing his tragic backstory and pimping him fo' sho', which makes him Potentially Polarizing Contestant #1 or #2, depending on how long Von Lee Smith lasts.

    I loathe oversinging (Gokey has potential there, too), but I haven't heard a false note in any of Adam Lambert's AI or other online video clips. Conversely, I really appreciate the natural, organic, unforced vocal stylings of Stephen Fowler and Jesse Langseth.

    I was hoping for a few Jason Castro wannabes, but AI8 seems to be a return to the narrow pop/R&B focus of the first three seasons. More proof that Darwin was wrong.

  5. Great comment Terrie. Nice to have another AI friend in the internet. I'm not sure either about Norman or Normund, seen it both ways as well. I just picked one and went with it.

    Gokey's so far, looking very good in this competition, it's a tragic situation with his wife, I did google her. Seems like she was a cool lady.

    Love the Darwin reference. ha.

  6. Anonymous6:00 PM


  7. Thanks for that "Anonymous".

  8. BTW I can be bought... LOL

  9. Hi Sunny! Check out http://www.normundy.com for Normund love!

  10. Hi Marty - I'm gonna run right over there! Thanks! Can't wait to see Nick next week.