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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Jason Castro, He's on Second, I'm in the Outfield

The other evening the television was on - my youngest kiddo grabbed my attention away from my book I was reading to point out to me, "Look! Jason Castro's on a commercial!". I had seen commercial spots with the group of folks promoting "I am Second", a Christian theology organization during which Castro had a few seconds worth of face time, but this particular commercial was all Jason.

I grabbed the laptop to check out the iamsecond.com website to give it a look, it's a phrase I've been seeing splashed on billboards in and around Dallas. Fitting I guess, Jason Castro, with his outspoken religious affiliation is selected to have a spot of his own.

This 'I am Second' group is Plano-based e3 Partners Ministry. The group's goal in establishing this multimillion-dollar media campaign is to promote God as the source of a shared, purposeful life. The initiative backed by the well–funded Christian organization is planned for a three year campaign. So far it has been attracting, besides Jason Castro, professional athletes, other Hollywood celebrities as well as over a couple of hundred thousand Web site hits from around the globe.

Nathan Sheets, a VP of e3 Partners Ministry has said, "We are training people to take advantage of advertising that will help them live lives of intention. I Am Second is a mind-set to live out authentic, transparent lives."

Now I'll admit, I don't attend church, have not found anything particularly redeeming in organized religion of any kind. Past experiences have not been particularly uplifting. I've found most churches I've attended to be run by the same sort of folks I avoid as much as possible in life, folks intent on telling me how to think, what to think and how to act. Again, just my personal past experiences.

I found it draining, the times as I sat through a few Sundays in one of God's houses, finding the intent behind the message ultimately directed more at my bank account than my salvation. Call me cynical. I've attended Baptist churches, Catholic services, Methodist (I found them to be the most laid back), Lutheran, Shul/synagogue, (our family heritage - maternal grandparents spoke Yiddish, originally Jewish) and Mormon church. I'm not knocking religion per se - if it helps you get through your life, great. Certainly there are millions who have found relief in attending and being a part of a religious denomination and being involved in church groups and activities.

I'm not one of those God haters either, I'm not an Atheist who thinks the Bible is all one big fairy tale. One more thing before you jump to conclusions, I do believe in a Higher Power, I'm just not a believer you can only find that in an organized religion under a man-made roof. I think acts speak louder than words, how you life more important. You see, I know several people who I have to interact with on a regular basis who attend services every week, even do missionary work, but can be real assholes outside of those walls of their churches.

My negativity does not lie in my lack of belief in Something, rather a lack of faith in the humanity behind the walls containing the theology. Don't get me started on world wars over the very thing that is suppose to save our souls and uplift we homo sapiens to a higher plane.

Returning to the topic of "I am Second" and Jason Castro - within his fan base there seems to be a huge number of folks claiming religious ties and religious fervor. So many claim he's helped them to find 'The Way', etc. If that is really true and he's helped those folks, then he's doing something of what he's talking about. I know there's some negativity towards certain issues in the Castro camp, but I am of the opinion Jason possesses a true heart, he means what he says, he's not in this just for the dime.

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While some fans sing his praises for inspiring them, regarding religion, there are those who may be taking their adoration of Castro just a hair left of center. Likely not atypical of many of the folks who regularly tune into Idol - they bend that word, "Idol" toward a whole new connotation. Thinking about it as a separate issue, perhaps it is just something instilled in humanity since we emerged from the caves in the hills and walked upright, (oh no, I'm talking evolution!) the need to transfer emotions, put that word "faith" into something we want to look up to or seek to help save us from ourselves. After all consider, we elected Barack Obama along that same line of thought. It's a fine line in this world, walking between faith, truth, trust and sanity.

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  1. I can understand your aversion of organized religion. But what you need to understand is that true Christianity is a lifestyle, not a religion. It is a personal relationship with the God Who created this universe and man. You cannot really call Christianity religion, because, like my pastor said, "Religion is about God but without God." We will find things "off-center" in any area of life, if we don't keep a balance. I don't know about all the negative stuff involving the family or those who are Jason's fans, one of whom I am; but I believe that the family are genuine people who love God and see to live their lives to honor Him. That is pretty much how my husband and I attempt to live and raise our sons. Yes, not everyone that goes to a church will be a nice or great person, but you will find less-than-nice people in all walks of life out there. I won't be deterred by the few who may have spoiled the message Christ tried to portray, and I encourage you to not let it affect you, either. I can only recommend that you plainly tell God, "I don't know what to believe. Show me Who You are." I can assure you that you will get an answer.:-)

  2. "what you need to understand is that true Christianity is a lifestyle, not a religion"
    There's that issue, the whole 'I need to understand' thing.

    I don't say I think Christianity is anything but a lifestyle. That's perhaps what you are misconstruing from the post. I point out that very issue. That's why I indicate I've done some explorations into other walks of faith just to glimpse what might be within those tenets.

    I find fault in some of the church organizations themselves, the walled rooms in which folks act one way yet another when they emerge into the rest of the week. Notice I say "Church" not pointing out Christianity which is not 'church' nor any denomination.

    I've spoken to God as you put it a number of times in my life. I don't feel that He only listens and hears me while I am in a church. Has God returned my messages? That's the hard one to answer.

    I also really hate those folks who want to sit and try and convert me into any walk of faith. Had a lady once want me to stop what I was doing - bar tending - and sit in a freaking corner of the bar and pray with her. She was in lala land. Apparently she'd been on a mission someplace in Asia, so she claimed, wanted to spread salvation. I told her to either have a drink or leave the bar.

    Time and place and respecting other people important. Anyone who believes they are in a place they can cast judgment, or consider themselves above others because of their religious affinities places them at the ass end of religious fervor.

  3. I was not referring to you, BTW in that last portion of the post. Appreciate your input.

  4. jerseyirish8:57 PM

    Sunny, I agree with you, I believe in God, but don't go to church also. I never got why I needed to sit and have someone preach to me week after week what I already believed, thats the reason as a teen I started to ditch church and go to the local pool hall.


  5. JI, I was raised by a woman whose family were Jewish, changed to Lutheran and a man who was raised Mormon and left the church for a time. ha. Talk about convoluted theories of thought concerning religions.

    My Pop, before he returned to his original religion, (3 years ago) spoke to me long and often about the idiocy of most organized religions and the bastions of the leaders who scam others for financial gain. It left a deep impression. Especially when, as I began seeking for myself some sort of truth and balance I understood more of what he was talking about.

    I'm not unhappy about those who find something in that aspect but I understand those who are not comfortable a lot more.