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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Adam Lambert FTW

Watching Idol last night, trying to fend off one helluva cold, Darling Man and I resorted to taking shots of my Uncle Jack (Daniels). Every time one of the contestants hit a bum note, we hit the shot glass. Last night was one craptacular spectacle after the other, so wasn't surprised to find ourselves completely swimming by the end of the show and half a bottle down. It was a good thing to have the phone already programmed.

According to Dial Idol this guy received the most votes. Sadly, even though we voted like the mad and loaded beasts we were last night, Nick Normund may be fighting to get a Wild Card spot.

Professor Chan had, hands down, the best review of last night's show. Hit HERE to read. It will be completely worth the 15 minutes.

Likely to make it through, Adam Lambert, Matt Giraud, Allison Iraheta.


  1. jerseyirsh12:12 PM

    Sunny, Didn't get to watch the show last night, was still catching up on work. Clicked the link and read the reviews, sounds like the show was up and down last night. Will watch the results tonight. Adam sounded really good last night, I hope he makes it through.


  2. Where are you, Sunny? Are you bumming?

  3. I thought for sure Matt would get through over Kris, but likely he'll return for that Wild Card round.

    Caryl, I'll write up a blog about this issue soon. Just don't feel like it right now. Regarding 'bumming' man, the guy took Billy Ray Cyrus' tune and wrote new lyrics to it. Perhaps he got permission.

    What's a kicker is reading so many gals posting what a 'genuis marketing plan' to take that tune and use it. Please remember the "Rolling Stones" and that band they sued to the point of putting them out of business, and Coldplay and Joe Satriani? LINK It's not brilliant, Taylor-Smart marketing - it is copying and I'm disappointed.

    Perhaps he did get an okay from Cyrus, after all Billy Ray is a cool and laid back kind of guy. It's disappointing to me though. Also some of the vocals all stiff and over pronounced, I hate that. ha.

    It's not Mr. Hicks or his fans problem if I don't like something, it's my issue for taking it to heart. I'll write about it, in a later post. Until then I'm taking my Nyquil and my blankie and going back to bed. *snif* (I'm sick.)