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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lady Sings the Blues: Alexis Grace

Alexis Grace. Lady can sing. Can't find a decent youtube yet with her in action, just the still shots. She's absolutely amazing. Idol may have found some real talent in this gal. I'm completely digging her. She reminds me of a young Dolly Parton (without all that hair) crossed with Marcia Ball. Not a bad combo.
Alexis Grace

Better Audio.
Marcia Ball.

"Jolene" Dolly Parton (with all that hair and a whack purple jumpsuit)


  1. jerseyirish2:32 PM

    Sunny, Thought Alexis was fantastic, she just owned the stage, really came out of her shell. Her performance was just perfect. I think she will go far in the show, she really has a blusey, soulful sound to her voice. Was also happy Danny made it, his performance of "Heros's" gave me chills. Thought Michael was good, a little surprised he made it over others, but am very happy for him.


  2. I was almost surprised Michael (go Texas guy!) made it over Anoop, although I think Anoop may be back as a WildCard.

    Alexis G. is really good. I don't care for Danny though; the whole milking his wife's death like he has isn't setting with me. Even last night his Bro held up a photo with her in it. That's just kind of icky. It is like they are using that woman for their own gain. Not a Gokey fan.