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Friday, February 20, 2009

Taylor Hicks, Dating and Grease

Taylor Hicks thanks the folks (without the Soul Patrol shout out) who took the time to vote on the "Live with Regis and Kelly" dating game to have Julie hit the top three. Now it's already been talked about that Julie and her Mom were and are fans of Mr. Hicks from his Idol days, so not going to go further into that topic. I will say I thought Julie was witty, smart and took all the camera face time in stride.

Naturally I was thrilled they did the karaoke gig since I'd mentioned hoping for that on another site. Of course, think, Taylor Hicks, combined with Julie Courtney also a musician and karaoke... not a big stretch. After all Danny Boome cooked for his date, therefore Hicks should sing to his date. It's like simple math or something.
Taylor Hicks Takes a Date: Julie Courtney

Now Julie lives in San Francisco, CA, one of my favorite cities on this planet. Someone asked me if she was also that gal rumored in Hicks' past from a little town in Texas. I have no idea of course about that, Julie is not an uncommon name.

Another topic, on the Taylor Hicks radar, he's apparently signed on for another run with that national tour of "Grease" - obviously this show is selling well or it would not be carrying on longer than originally announced. Word on Variety.com he's in for the 2009 - 2010 season. Now what has many in the Hicks' fan base slightly riled up is the 2010 part. Is this to mean that Mr. Hicks will be singing "Beauty School Drop Out" this time next year? Is that really such a bad thing as long as Mr. Hicks is able to stay on the move and gain this very positive press and attention he's been attracting?

Remember Taylor Hicks new CD "The Distance" drops on March 10.
"Keep On Keepin On"


  1. The music is great, loving curtis mayfield. is amazing how music puts you in the mood for romance. I met my hubby on line through lovestruck and he's been my best friend ever since. we connected over musical interests on line

  2. That's a very cool way to meet. My man and I too were brought together by our similar musical tastes. We didn't meet on-line though, rather through a course we were both taking.