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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Taylor Hicks Goes "The Distance"

Click title to give a listen to Taylor Hicks' new CD, "The Distance". Available March 10. I'll have to give it a listen a few times before I comment on this new offering.
This tune is on the CD: "Seven Mile Breakdown"

video c/o lh1100
One note, his tune, "Keeping it Real", musically, sounds incredibly like this song.


  1. jerseyirish9:04 PM

    Sunny, My laptop crashed Sunday night, the IT folks at work tried to fix it, but couldn't so they built me a new one. The guy was great he was able to restore all my Taylor stuff didn't loose anything. Just finished listening to the CD, myself am very impressed with it. The songs all had great messages and sound. His voice is solid and clear. Loved hearing Elliot team up with him they had a great sound together. I felt it was well worth the wait.


  2. I think there are a few songs on there that could be hits. I like it.

  3. I'm rather meh about the whole thing. I'll get over it.