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Sunday, June 28, 2009

We Went to a Garden Party

Last night we went to the most incredibly enjoyable party. Darling Man won my forgiveness as well, but I'm still not doing his laundry this week nor cooking for him as a measure of reminder for his bad deed Friday night. As some of you readers know, Darling Man's in a band and they play small gigs around town. I met the new keyboardist for the group, Patrick. We hit it off immediately. One of the first things he said to me, "You're an Ass", after a comment I made. We looked at each other and laughed until tears came. Instant recognition it seems. He's right too.

Conversation turned from their next gigs to birthdays. Seems his birthday falls close to mine so now we're having a big birthday party to celebrate his 32nd and my...well we need not talk about it... What has endeared him to me for life, he could not believe how old I'm about to be, he absolutely freaked. Flattery will get you everywhere with me. I asked DMan if I could keep him. I'm taking photos of he and the guys, next open practice. He's gorgeous, handsome and completely hilarious. We walked to his house after the party and he and DMan played for us, they work really well together.

At the party, we had the Hadden Sayers Band perform - had a huge turn out with the street blocked off. This band has played with The Derek Trucks Band and The Blind Boys of Alabama as an opening. They also provided background for the 2007 International Auto Show commercial. (click to listen)
Hadden Sayers Band


  1. NolaMar5:06 PM

    Oh, yeah, I like the way this one sounds! Having a little trouble with all videos being choppy today, but going to try again later and watch the others too. Sounds like your bash was a hell of a party Sun!

  2. Oh man, it was cool. We plan to head your way this Fall. Thanks for stopping by!