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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Taylor Hicks Shadow Tours on the Calendar

I've been remiss in not including the dates on upcoming after "Grease" concerts Taylor Hicks has lined up. Coming up this Monday night, June 22 Taylor is set to perform at The Magic Bag. Brian Less, keyboards and Josh Smith on guitar to join him.

Taylor is to play at Smith’s Olde Bar, in Atlanta when "Grease" hits town with the concert scheduled for August 16. Mr. Hicks is not a stranger to that venue, having played there back when he was on the 2006 American Idol tour.

Then, coming in September, Taylor Hicks returns to Birmingham and Workplay, Friday September 25th with now an additional night added, September 26. To purchase tickets hit this link Workplay.

The Workplay event happens to fall on my birthday weekend; likely I'll hit the Saturday show. Haven't been to Alabama in a while now so will be great to fly back and hang out for the weekend. Have friends at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa I can check in on while in town.

Here's a short clip from back in the Idol tour days. Taylor and some of the guys from the Idol tour were known to hit the bars and play together after the tour concerts. This clip is a chaotic mess with Elliott Yamin and Ace on stage with him. Note the drink waving; feel free to wave back.

video c/o WeAreNotNKSAnymore

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  1. oh wow, I forgot to put these on my blog, too. thanks for the reminder. But still no shows i can go to. *waiting patiently*