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Monday, June 29, 2009

Calling 912: Is Stuart Heritage OK?

My statcounter is BLOWN up with hits from the United Kingdom. Hitting posts I've written about or around Stuart Heritage over the past few months. It has me concerned. Man, with all the celebrity deaths, and other madness in this world, I'm having concerns whether Stuart Heritage is OK... I don't want to hear he's taken a tragic tumble off Big Ben or off one of those outrageous bridges that cross the Thames and is in some sort of serious way.

I mean people, you are concerning me. Man, if anyone knows him contact Someone. *grin* Perhaps we need a 912 number. You know like 911 only this one is 912 "Stuart is OK" or some shit. You know Mr. Heritage and I have had our differences but man, I Care. I just have to say, I'm in awe of the responses I'm seeing. (Taylor Hicks, baybee, apparently you are NOT Stuart Heritage.)

Conversely and taking the negative slant, being Libra and part Lioness (my moon sign) I have to look at all aspects, certainly IF anyone of you readers are thinking about stealing any of my asinine and mundane posts hit the road Jack, I'll hunt you down and like a good Texan, shoot you. It's how we roll, baby. But seriously, my statcounter is Freaking me the Hell out. I mean, WHO KNEW?

Stuart Heritage I hope you are fine (well, I know you ARE THAT) and dandy (and whatever that entails) but I hope the Hell these are not attorneys hot on Sunny's ass. Wouldn't THAT be Ironic.
Alanis Morisset "Isn't It Ironic" ( You regulars knew that was the song, right? )


  1. Not completely following why you're concerned, but I hope all is well. I leave for northern parts in about six hours. My online presence will be spotty. Be good!

  2. I'm just having a little fun. I know he's fine. It was interesting what was happening on the stats yesterday.

    Drive safely.