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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Teddy Bear Man, Comedy Writer

Anyone who knows me understands I've taken a shine to that 140 character, social networking site, Twitter. It may be somewhat of a silly pursuit but it is a free, and how can you not like "free", format to talk to anyone in the world? Thinking of how the minutes would fly on my cell phone should I utilize it to talk to some of my on-line friends make it a perfect venue for our interest related conversations.

Should you want to hit me on Twitter, I'm Suns39. No, the numbers not an age related combination, more of a numerology thing, but I won't bore you with that aspect. I've met some new friends on the site and reconnected with a few old friends.

About two weeks ago this guy hit me as a "follow". Twitter name, 'eskimotuesday'; I was intrigued by his profile image, a lovely dark haired guy with really nice eyebrows, asleep, in bed. He had a small bear perched on his shoulder. Immediately I knew he was special. The guy, not the bear, of course, but I did like that bear. So I decided to keep him and follow him in return. To my pleasant surprise he began Direct Messaging me, which I've enjoyed. He refers to me "bear lover" because of my fascination with his teddy bear... He also has a curious aversion to capitalizing letters.

Teddy Bear guy's name is Blake J. Harris; a writer out of New York City. It seems he's started a production film company called Flying Penguins. He and his co-writers and partners have created a film called, "The Flying Scissors" under this production company.

It's a comedy, you can read some details on "The Flying Scissors" IMDb. The film has its own MySpace site, you can visit to find out more information, if you're curious - and you should be. The official website for the movie is at "The Flying Scissors" website.

Blake recently returned from a trip to Los Angeles but he's not divulged any details of what he was accomplishing while there, simply mentioned some meetings. He operates a blogspot called, Tyranny Rocks and has an adorable blog with teddy bear tales, Scheming Bears operated by perhaps his bear alias, Claude Bear. Complete with pictures and everything. It's lovely.

I suggest, dear readers, you check out my Twitter Bear man's movie - I have the trailer for you, right here so you can get an idea of what Blake does in his creative moments beside posting playground polls and talking through teddy bears.

"The Flying Scissors" trailer


  1. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Hey Sunny. Just started to follow you. My twitter name is TweeterNese.
    I've only been on it a couple of weeks. It's kind of fun. LOL.

  2. Cool, Dee, I'll check it later.