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Friday, June 19, 2009

Robert Pattinson Fans Chase Him Into Traffic, Bodyguards Scatter

Robert Pattinson was literally chased into traffic on a New York City street. Hysterical and likely shrieking fans pounded the pavement in a stampede after spotting Rpattz. RadarOnLine.com featured the story yesterday, that Pattinson, while exiting a bookstore and surrounded by burly bodyguards, was nearly injured by a taxi cab.

RPattz, in his haste to escape the screaming hoard bearing down upon him, a hoard that may have been comparable to the fabled Harpies in Greek mythology, Pattinson apparently smacked into a Big Apple taxi. Perhaps he was reading too much into his hype from "Twilight", you know his skin was purportedly hard as diamonds and much more sparkly, feeling invincible, or likely just incredibly panicked he collided with the cab. He was fortunate this collision wasn't worse as anyone who has ever been to The Big Apple can attest to the mad driving skills of the city's taxi drivers...

Apparently after Pattinson's run-in with the cab, the bodyguards snapped to their senses, or perhaps embarrassed by their fear of the hoard, one of them shouted out, "You see what you did, you almost killed him!".

Pattinson being the trooper that he his, carried on and continued filming more scenes for his upcoming movie, "Remember Me", later that day. The taxi cab carried on - just another day in the life of almost mowing people down. The screaming hoard of Harpies fans? Who knows, my ADD kicked in and I lost interest after reading about Will Farrell gobbling reindeer eyeballs and sipping his own urine. Really.

"The Hangover" Just because it reminds me of an adventure I had once...

"Crazy Train" Ozzy (He never ate eyeballs nor drank his pee, that I know of, but there was that bat incident.)

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  1. Wow! My mind wandered to the TH booksigning in NYC. After we got our books signed a crowd of us waited outside to watch him leave. (btw, People walking by asked us who we were waiting for and when we told them, they shrugged and walked on. Ouch!)

    But his bodyguards or the bookstore employees (whoever they were) very efficiently kept us in check as TH finally exited and got into his car. It was all carefully orchestrated. Pattinson's people should have taken notes.